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New Collection Weeding Sales & cheap old sales!

Hi all, I have lots of new things for sale today from my and my wife's collections!  Also, all of my old sales are drastically reduced in price!  Come check it out~ : D
Many items are OBO and feel free to haggle because not sure of the going prices of some things!


  • Approved for sales permission on 10/27/2012 by allinia

  • Feedback:

  • Ships from Virginia, USA internationally. If applicable, customs fees are the responsibility of the buyer. I am not responsible for packages once they leave my doorstep. I ship most everything First Class USPS; I ship cards in a manilla envelope, unless you ask. First Class comes with tracking but I can't get tracking for international orders.

  • Payment is through Paypal only.

  • Price do not include shipping or Paypal fees.

  • Will hold items for 24 hours if committed to buy.

  • $1 minimum purchase please! $3 if international.

  • If you request a quote, please get back to me about whether you are passing or not ASAP! Thanks!

  • All pkmncollectors community rules apply.

  • Please ask if you would like to see more pictures of something or would like to know its condition. : ) What you see is what you get.

  • Feel free to make an offer, I may accept it!


Custom lifesize Beldum plush - $70 OBO  Has awesome details, by The Quaint Cuddlefish (more pics

Totodile walking Banpresto plush with tags - $20

MPC Plush - all with tags
Eelektross - $10 OBO
Scolipede (legs lean to one side) - $25
Elgyem - $5 OBO
Venipede - $8 OBO

Leavanny - $10 OBO

Scatterbug JP Pokemon Center Plush - $8
Squirtle Pokedoll US - $14
Pikachu Batchu Pin JP - $5

Mudkip Terrycloth Plush - $20

Yanma, Yanmega Attack, Venipede - $2 each

Krabby, Kingler - $15 each
Yanmega - $8

Giratina Chibi figure - $3
Giratina Chou get - $3
Giratina Clipping figure - $10

Digimons - $10 each OBO

Chandelure charm - $1

Totodile stamp - $5 OBO
Metagross stamp - $10 OBO
Totodile kid - $2
Totodile Jakks - $3
Serperior - $2
Jirachi pencil topper - $4
Jirachi keychain - $2
Kyogre footprint dex figure - $4
Banette footprint dex figure - $2

Older SALES (Everything on mega sale!)

Swampertite: $1
Mudkip Tomy [Older version, not matte plastic]: $2
Marshtomp Tomy [Came in same set as above]: $1
Giratina Altered Form: $1
Venonat: $2

Magnemite, Magneton, and Magnezone line: $5
Archen: $2
Corphish and Crawdaunt line: $5
Crabby and Kingler line: $7

Butterfree FCS: $1
Kabutops stamper: $1
Victreebel stamper: $1
Ledyba stamper: $1
Hoppip Minicot: $1
Dustox Footprint Figure: $1
Corphish Footprint Figure: $1
Yanmega Chou Get: $1
Vibrava Footprint Figure [no base]: $1
Venonat Pencil Topper [?]: $1
Ninjask Blue Base Figure [? broken peg]: $2

Swampert strap: $1
Giratina Lottery Keychain: $5

Corphish Water Squirter: $2
Shellder Wind-up: Free with purchase

DX Giratina: $2
Giratina Altered: $1
Giratina Origin: $1
Rayquaza: $1

Kabuto, Slugma, Weedle, Corphish, Corphish attack, Crawdaunt, Wurmple, Paras: $1 each

Sewaddle, Yanmega, Victreebel, Caterpie, Beedrill, Spinarak, Weepinbell: $1 each

Eelektross: $2
Drifblim, Magnezone, Gligar, Tangrowth attack, Tangrowth, Venonat, Surskit: $1 each

Butterfree Hasbro tush tag only - $2

Banpresto Mudkip all tags - $6

Banpresto Water Starters Mudkip all tags - $5

12 inch bootleg Vaporeon: $3

FREE with purchase (may add to shipping)  Let me know what you want, might be gone already.
Tags: banette, beldum, ditto, eelektross, giratina, heracross, jirachi, kids, kingler, krabby, kyogre, latios, leavanny, metagross, mudkip, sales, scolipede, totodile, yanmega
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