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It's December already! and 1 year on the community

Can't believe December is here! It's my birthday month so I'm excited! Also, a year ago my request was approved to join the community. How I never joined earlier sorta baffles me as I've been using LJ since 2007 when I was 14 so... but then I stopped using LJ and used Tumblr. Ah how social media evolves. Anyone remember the days of Xanga? XD;;;

Christmas will be here before you know it. ;w; *Pic from this year's bi-monthly wall calendar

Well, it has been one year on the community, I don't have a super big post right now since I just haven't had the time and dedication... so much to share.

But I did get a nice FromJapan package yesterday...

Last year's Christmas files in the background... I regret not getting this year's clear files with my Christmas order but I ordered it after and hopefully will come soon! Personally I love this year's Christmas and Winter design's more than last year's.

And Eevee is too precious! Pokemon Center US sucks for taking out the bell. The bell makes is even more special, such a nice sound when you play with it.:( This is why I buy Japanese releases only.

Well, the main reason why I started collecting Japanese Pokemon goods more seriously is...

Yes, the Pikazards. Charizard is one of my faves growing up and how could you not resist how awesome they are!!

And we will have more in 9 DAYS. A little more than a week for those Mega Pikachu campaign release day! I am excited but I am not buying everything. Hahaha, I am not that crazy... ;;; Just getting the ones I like (Charizard X, Sableye, and Pikabro)! But if I was rich, I'll fly to Japan and get them all HAHA. My birthday is 12/13 so it comes out right before my birthday!!

I saw on a TCG forum a link to the San Francisco Travel site that some info and dates when SF Worlds will be... not 100% confirmation but gives us an idea. So happy it will be near me! Since we're in the SF Bay Area and Pokemon Go is being developed by Niantic Labs based here... Maybe we'll get to see it at Worlds?? Even better, makes sense Worlds is in SF!

I'll be going to up SF for my birthday... as it's a tradition for me and my friends since SantaCon falls on my birthday weekend. Hopefully Japantown Santa Chu is growing a beard since the last time I saw him in the beginning of November XD

I will also try to share more book and magazine pics. I have taken pictures of a few nice pages but I just want to take pictures of the whole thing before sharing. but here is a Pokemon learn to write hiragana book with XY Pokemon.

Anyways, look out for a big end of the year recap post from me that will be a better 1 year anniversary post! :D
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