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grail commissions!

Hey guys! :)

So I managed to get my grail yesterday, yay! :)
However, it cost me a lot of money xD So I quickly decided to take just a few commissions to get some of the money I spent in again (since you know, Christmas is coming soon and presents and stuff lol)!

First of all, here are some examples of my work:

For more examples, click this link!
(You can click on the pictures to enlargen them!)

I am taking commissions for
1) Simple colored pencil drawings like the Jolteon/Purrloin example with two Pokemon in them (size: approximately DinA4) - $14
2) Black and white ink-pen drawings like the Swampert/Purrloin example (size: approximately DinA4 or of only one Pokemon smaller down to DinA5) with up to three Pokemon in them - $6 (one Pokemon) up to $8 (three Pokemon)

There seemed to be some confusion - these drawings are TRADITIONAL drawings on paper and will be sent via mail, so you will have to pay shipping costs for them. To see what shipping is, please have a look at my rules beneath the cut!

* I was granted sales permission by entirelycliched on 01 DEC 2013.
* My feedback can be found here: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/j_ule/
* All pkmncollectors rules apply.

* What can be commissioned can be read above (colored pencil drawing or black and white drawing)!
* How it works: Who asks first gets a slot. You then name me what you want me to draw. First, I will do a sketch or sometimes more sketches if the first one doesn't work. As soon as you are satisfied with it, I will then start on your final drawing. You can ask me about updates on the process anytime!
* Payment is AFTER I have finished the commissions :) (I don't want to get in a hassle for first receiving payment and then possibly having difficulties with drawing your request)
* That being said, it can happen that I have too many difficulties drawing your request, for example if it is a very complicated Pokemon! In that case, we have to either drop the commission and the slot will become open for another user, or think of something new - however, the possibility that this actually happens is not high!
* If you have any special requests (like more Pokemon in the pictures) let me know and we can possibly work something out, but please bear in mind that the prices might change if it gets more complicated.
* Please note that what you can see on your computer and what I will show you once your commission is finished are PHOTOGRAPHS (or scans) of the original pictures. While I try to adjust the digitalized version as closely as possible to the original, please keep in mind that the originals look slightly different. (However, most of the time, the original looks better ;-))
* Allow a few days up until a few weeks for the commissions to be finished depending on which slot position you are in.

* All prices and payments in USD and via paypal only.
* I ship from GERMANY.
* I ship internationally, and the international shipping (to everywhere!) for a DinA4 envelope is $3.76 (up to 500g), for a smaller envelope it may be less, but that depends on the individual letter.
* I will charge a 30ct fee on the envelope since envelopes are pretty expensive here unfortunately!
* Of course, I will protect your drawings sufficiently.
* Feel free to ask for a shipping quote anytime. :)
* I am a very slow shipper but will try to get out your drawings within one week of getting payment.
* I’m not responsible for lost packages in the mail, damaged packages, or import taxes as soon as the packages have left my house. I can’t provide any refunds either, should the package get lost.

I will open just THREE SLOTS for now, however, I might open more after I finished the first ones.
For each black and white drawing slot, you can commission up to two drawings at once. For each colored pencil drawing, only one drawing!

Slot 1 - brunnera93 Pikachu and Torchic colored pencil drawing - in the process of coloring, half done
Slot 2 - linameerun Two Zigzagoon ink-pen drawing - almost finished, just need to add in some details
Slot 3 - poliwhirl Froakie and Charmander riding on Latias inkpen drawing - finished

Waiting list - reserved slots
Slot 1 - jen81489 Two colored pencil drawings
Slot 2 - zigguppafu Linoone and Zigzagoon ink-pen drawing - finished
Slot 3 - lotad Tornadus, Thundurus, Landorus ink-pen drawing


On another note.
I won a Phanpy Pokedoll on ebay yesterday (yes, that was the grail I was talking about!)

(photo taken by the user eevee_trainer on ebay)

If the person who bid against me on the Phanpy is here on the community, please contact me, I know where there is another Phanpy at the moment and you can try to bid on it!


On yet another note.
I still have my WOOPER POKEDOLL up for grabs with a OBO price!
To find him, click this link!

Thanks everyone for looking guys and have a great start into the weekend! :)
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