Skymin (ninfiachan) wrote in pkmncollectors,

LF: totodile line merch!

Ah... It's that time of year again, huh? Winter holidays are approaching! :)
I hope everyone is doing well! :) Is anyone doing anything Pokemon-related this Christmas?

I have some gets to post, but for now, I'm desperately in search of some Totodile line merch for my Totodile-loving friend!
Preferably a plush, because I got something else for her... I have about $25 to spend on her at the moment, and I'd need the package to arrive within 1 1/2 weeks, I'm afraid ^^;

I'd really prefer to buy within BC, but please let me know if you're selling any Totodile line merch within North America!

Thank you very much!
Tags: totodile, wanted, wants
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