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The Golbat might be trying a little hard to eat the cookie+Monthly gets+Sales Update


 photo raltspreview_zpsvve4fozm.jpg

 photo golbatpre_zpsxqqazofy.jpg

 photo GEDC0812_zpsmtyrjf2j.jpg

 photo GEDC0813_zpsyhd6snbh.jpg

Ralts was...interesting.  His head kept rolling off while I was trying to get it to set.  I totally should have took a picture of my setup to get it to dry.  XD   I think that next time that I make a Ralts, I am going to buy a primer or gesso to make the head and body match shade wise.  For my first Ralts, I think that I did pretty good.

 photo GEDC0810_zpsico38e6i.jpg

 photo GEDC0811_zpsgs6qhblu.jpg

I still made the wings uneven but I still think that he is the cutest thing I ever made.  (Okay, I think that I say that about everyone but still....XD)

I am totally going to make Christmas theme ones this month.  I already have plan to make a singing Digtrio and Zigzagoon doing something...(I haven't figured out that part yet.)

Monthly Gets:

 photo GEDC0809_zpsnxmtyr6i.jpg

 photo GEDC0814_zps5jrxz0am.jpg

Do you see it?  I did my first order on buyee.  Yes, it cost an arm and leg but it was worth it!  I brought Clear Nuzleaf figure and the Psychic clearfile from there.  I nearly squeed when I saw the package.  I also pick up from Ralts Items including the Mega Gardevoir.  Thank you Wal Mart for selling only two figures in the pack instead of 4.  I didn't need anymore unneed figures.  Aurora clearfile is so pretty.  My excuse for clearfile?  I collect Torchic.  So...:)   We sold the book at work.  (OKay, I brought 2...one for myself and one for sales).  Definately loving it as a reference for my little figures

A little sales plug as well.  I am offering Buy 1 uncommon/common card, get one Free! I also lowered some prices in order to clear them out for the holidays.



I was given an extra Groudon at McDonalds today.  So, I am hoping to trade for Pikachu.  Just poke me if you are interested. 
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