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26 lb Picture

I did take a picture with the male Pikachu so it was a 26 lb picture, the link to my album page is below if you want to see them together. But she is 13 lbs. :) I actually got her over a month ago, but I did not want to take a picture of her without taking a picture of the other one. But I finally did it, and they are certainly very heavy to put together. After lifting one of these guys, I wonder how Ash has any brain cells left, because in the show I have seen Pikachu hang out on Ash's head, and if I had a Pikachu hanging on my head..... *ouch*

If you guys want to see a picture of her with the male Pikachu, here is the direct link to the Beams album page.

I have added new things to my albums. But if any of you guys want to see what I have cataloged so far in my collection. Here is the link.

I think the things I have added is the Chiku Chiku Sewing album, and I have updated the Christmas album, Kuttari album (with the US items), and the monthly Pikas. I still have a lot more to go.....

Also if anyone is interested I still have some Modern Art Kuji items available for claims.

Pikachu Modern Art.jpg

And I do have a sales page on my journal but it is mainly Pikachu items.
I do have a lot of doubles and triples of certain items, but I do not have time to list them. So if there is a Pikachu item that you must have, I can always check if I have an extra. But I definitely do not have any extras of these 13 lb Pikas. I am kind of glad I don't too! They are very hard to store. I have them in two different rooms, and they are stored face down so I don't kill the tags.

Speaking of Pikachu... Is anyone getting the new Steiff Pikachu? The pre-orders began today or is it now yesterday in Japan.

picture from the goodsmile company blog.

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