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Crafty Trades~ Eeveelus and a Luxray

Hello, fellow Pokemon hunters!

Today I decided to bring out a couple of items I've crafted, among other things, for trade~
Preview pic below. :D

First up are these Espeon and Umbreon pencil toppers. I've made a base for them and added an LED to make them light up. *.*
There is a battery pack and switch on the bottom so they can be turned on and off.


Next is this Light up Luxray sculpture I had originally made for a commissioner on Etsy, but silly me forgot to make the eyes light up and I had to remake it! >.<
He is made out of Sculpey and painted with Acrylic paints. There's also a switch and an AAA battery pack on the bottom.
(Listed elsewhere as well)


This Flareon plush, I also made. I'm still learning and teaching myself how to sew, and I love using Flareon as my subject~
He is made of minky with machine embroidered eyes and a plastic nose. He is 10 inches tall and has pellets in his feet and belly for weight and floppiness.
(Listed elsewhere as well)


A little magnetic clippy Eevee experiment I made- Machine embroidered eyes and magnets in his paws.
(Listed elsewhere as well)


And last, an Eevee Kutakuta. I had been searching for this fella for a while and RIGHT after I bought him someone came to me with a MWT one. I don't need two, so I'm either going to sell or trade him. :3

I'm interested in only Eeveelution items- primarily Flareon, Glaceon, and Eevee. ^-^
Other items I have for trade can be found in my trade post under the cut, as well as my wants.

On another note: I'm still searching for this beauty!
if you have ANY leads please let me know! <3

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