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November gets + Shiny Figures shelf

Like Trainer, like Pokémon x)

I love this MonthlyPika, one of my favorite. But OMG January *o*

So with the end of year, the Pokémon Center is killing charming us with many Promos. And of course I succumbed to a lot of things ^^

First, the awesome Chiku-Chiku Sewing plushies. I really love this patchwork style which makes me think of candies and fits well to Christmas :3

It's very cool to get a full family in the same series.

Christmas means cute Santa plushies :3

They are so soft. And the tags are beautiful too (and big!!).

Pikachu is everywhere ^^

The EXPO GYM is refereeing a battle between Halloween and December Pikas ^^
As for me I love them both: Tied game \o/

About Halloween, I was lucky to find the awesome Drifloon cap <3

I decided to put it on my DX Substitute and honestly it fits him very well :3
He looks like a DJ %)

I also got more or less old Banpresto plushies.

And a very old Moltres in rather good state due to the age.

He looks like a statue behind Cynthia and her Garchomp. Besides these Nendoroid figures are just amazing *o* Now I wish I had bought Red before :(

More figures with the nice Tomy Ippai Ghost set.

Gengar is perfect!

I also got the funny Pikachu Putitto figures and the original Pokémon Lab keychains.

It's not so easy to make them stand :o

And let's end with a wonderful figure: the Shiny Mega Rayquaza MonCollé limited to 1,000 copies

I love it <3 Unfortunately it didn't come with a stand like the regular one.
Thus I had to find another way to display it...

I'm rather happy with the result ^^

Thank you for reading :3

Tags: garchomp, goodra, goomy, hoppip, jumpluff, pikachu, politoed, rayquaza, skiploom, substitute, vulpix
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