baron von kellogs (kefanii) wrote in pkmncollectors,
baron von kellogs

group auction cloooosed

All right y'all, the totals are in for the group auction and I've got the invoice! Thanks everyone who bid, and sorry to those who missed out because I had a crazy day yesterday and couldn't post a reminder.

I'm gonna attempt to calculate shipping for these, mostly because I really need the money atm but won't need it so badly once I have these items in hand. And also because they're smallish items so it's not terribly hard.

Also, so you guys know for sure, if any of these items turn out to be missing or I guessed wrong, you'll get an instant full refund.

My paypal is kefanii [at] hotmail [dot] com, please send me your payment! Thanks to all of you for making this auction easy to bid on. :]

alakazzandra: $21 for all the puffs
badgerr_ftw: $3.50 for Arbok keychain
blackjackrocket: $5.75 for Lugia and Nidorina keychains
faiarrow: $4.50 for Abra keychain
cy4nide: $3.80 for Bellossom keychain
heenz: $7.10 for Flatchu and Flatsoise
mudkip_lover: $4.25 for Horsea and Koffing keychains
shesatiger: $4.25 for Pidgey keychain and Clefairy box
stitchfrequency: $3.15 for Cleffa tops
warandromance: $8.10 for Ditto Marill

iridescentfox, I haven't seen you on in the last day, lost the Meowth auction, it got very high. D: But I'm holding flat metal Meowth for you if you're still interested.

That's all folks! Look forward to Monday or Tuesday, when I will be getting the rare keychain plushies in. :3
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