Dhui Ardor (fineflareon) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Dhui Ardor

New Plushies by Banpresto and Sanei!

I haven't seen anyone make a post about these plushies yet so I might as well do it!

It seems like Banpresto is coming out with a new set of plushies! It seems to be called "Pokemon Life Picnic" and it looks like it mainly focuses on Pikachu, and it's super cute!

[Pokemon Life Picnic]

Look at that sleeping Pikachu, it's so cute!

And looks like Sanei has a second set of Plushies coming out as well!
There's a larger verison of Pikachu, small plushies of the Kanto starters and Mew, a Ditto and Snorlax Cushion.
Also remember those bean-shaped eeveelutions plushies by Banpresto? Well Banpresto seems to be continuing the line and now there's Umbreon, Espeon and Sylveon verisons of them!
[Sanei All Star Collection and Eeveelution Bean-shaped Plushies]
I wonder if there will eventually be a (L) verison of Pikachu and/or (M) sizes for the rest of the pokemon that Sanei have made plushies of. It only seems logical since they seem to be pushing that there will be other sizes for these plushies since from what I've seen every offical retailer sites I go to make a point of putting the "(S)" in the title. I really hope so, I'd really like a (L) or even (M) size plushie of the Skitty plushie that they'vehave! Would you guys lke to see bigger sizes of any of the other Sanei plushies?
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