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A Beastly Update

So it's very rare I get to post updates of my favorite beast, but now is that time. It feels great to mark things off my wants but I have so many more left!

Little peek!

First up I have my new Retsuden Stamp! <3 I loves him! Green is my favorite color! I have managed to restore his ink and I can get him to stamp, but I'm going to look for some really cool metallic green ink pad to use!

Next up is the ever elusive Bandai Strap. He was a European Exclusive Gashapon strap that was just randomly thrown in a set as the other 2 don't have matching straps.

Next up is the 2010 Movie strap. He's been around a lot on eBay, I've just been lazy with buying him so I finally did!

FINALLY!!! I couldn't find a non metallic Banpresto Keychain for AGES!!! I ended up with TWO metallic ones and finally a lot of the 3 beasts banpresto keychains with an ichiban kuji suicune keychain popped up on Y!Japan for like a $15 BIN. Shipping sucked but omg I am so happy to finally cross him off!

And now...the finale!



My beautiful, wonderful, exquisite, love it, Gold Battle Meuseum Lotto Entei! He's really fantastic in every way, however, he's still plastic which is sad XD

Even still, I'm happy to have him! I never thought I'd get him!

Some Honorable Mentions

These are the other Retsuden Stamps I got from the GA. I'm so glad the seller chose to relist.

As well, I got the skitty pin and Jolteon Figure stamp. I'm still hoping that huge lot of figure stamps shows up :C
And even though it's difficult to tell, that's a clear umbreon kid figure! Thanks Synyster!

To end, here's my Updated Entei Wants list

US Entei Pokedoll MWT
Hasbro ThinkchipThinkchip Prototype *GRAILIEST OF GRAILS GRAIL* PLEASE message me ASAP if you were to ever come across this. I am offering a $50 finders fee alone!
Yawarka Fuzzy Figure Yawarkara Fuzzy Figure *GRAIL*
Chocolate TinChocolate Tin (HIGH WANT) *GRAIL*
Keshipoke Series 4Keshipoke Series 4 *GRAIL*
Retsuden Series 8
PC Craft Self Inking Stamps
Buildable Standup

ANY Battrio!
Shiny Battrio

Lotto KeychainLotto Keychain (again not MIP just in good condition)
Lotto StrapLotto Strap (PURCHASED)
Master Ball BadgeThis specific Master Ball Badge
Metal CoinsAll Metals EXCEPT Silver
Pokeball Collection 6Pokeball Collction 6 Keychain

StampFigure Stamp
Stylus 2010Both Stylus' From 2010
Theater CharmZoroark Movie Theater Charm
Theater Clip3rd Movie Theater Clip

Theater Pen3rd Movie Theater Sytulus
Theater Strap3rd Movie Theater Strap
Rubber KeychainRubber Keychain

As always, thanks for looking!
Tags: collection update, eeveelutions, entei, skitty
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