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Pokemon Sales and plush identification

Hey hey everyone :) Today is the day that I finally go through everything that hasn't been on display in my apartment, and put it up for sale! Plenty of sales underneath the cut, and everything is OBO.

OR. Take everything that is here (valued at just over $400 in exchange for a custom, jointed and embroidered Typhlosion plush of equivalent value).

Since I ship from the UK, I can't guarantee that things will arrive in time for the holidays, sorry! Due to some flooding, my next shipping day is Thursday, and then Monday.

  • Granted sales Permission 26/11/2014 by EntirelyCliched

  • A quote grants you a 12 hour hold from the time I reply with your quote

  • Please make it clear in your comment whether you would like a QUOTE or are COMMITTING to an item

  • Shipping for very small non flats starts at $4 to the US

  • Please let me know your country, and link to the image when asking for a quote

  • Trades are welcome. My wants list is under construction, but I am interested in useable things, and things featuring Drifloon and Typhlosion. A specific wants list is at the bottom of this post, but I am only looking to trade and not buy atm.

  • Smoke free home. I do have a cat, but he is kept well away from my collection.

  • Backing out after committing to a sale means I'll have to leave negative feedback (so please don't!)

  • Default shipping is in a bubble mailer

  • I never charge for packaging.

  • Default shipping does not come with tracking. I can add this, but AFAIK its kinda expensive!

Coins: Sableye, Fennekin ($1 ea)
Quilava kid ($1),
MIP Cyndaquil charm ($5),
Sylveon bookmark ($2),
Cyndaquil Bell Keychain ($8)

Gorgeous, minky and vinyl Mega Sableye by LRK creations ($25)

TTO Fuzzy Cyndaquil Tomy ($15)
MWT Furret MPC ($15)
MWT Furfrou MPC ($12)

Squishy Cyndaquil (couple of scuffs) ($5)
TTO Typhlosion MPC ($10)
MWT Cyndaquil MPC ($12)

Mega bloks: All ($1), except Vaporeon ($15)

All figures here $2 each. Gone: Groudon bath salt

All figures here $1 each except the clear Typhlosion kid ($3)

Cyndaquil/Quilava flats $1 each
Cyndaquil Pracoro dice  (slightly scuffed) $5
Cyndaquil fan $5
Everything else $1 each, Gone: Cyndaquil keychain, Ampharos charm, Feraligatr/Totdile keychain

Mewtwo/Jirachi rumble U figures $4 each.
White Kyurem Rumble U figure $12
Ghost ippai collection figures $4 each or take all 3 for $10 Gone: Cofigarius

TCG $4 each

Shiny Mega Gengar PC plush (tag slight screased - see pic) $25

MWT We are Rocket Pumpkaboo $20 (No offers on this one please, I'm not in a rush to sell him)

Things I forgot to include!
Gengar bound ball $4
baseless Typlosion chou-get $1
Fuzzy Venonat $3

and finally, I'd like some help identifying this little cyndaquil. I won it in a GA quite a while ago, and never really questioned exactly what it was: (click the pics for full size images). He's a beanie, made of what I think is terrycloth kind of material, produced by Tomy. I'm considering taking offers on it, but I need to know what it is before I can of course!!

And finally, in case anyone would prefer to trade rather than buy from my sales post, a small wants list is here:
(Please note I am not looking to buy at this time, only trade.)

Pumpkaboo keychain.jpg
Pumpkaboo 'We are Rocket' keychain

Mega Saleye MonColle

Mega Gengar MonColle
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