erlanai (erlanai) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Quick gets

Hi all !

Just wanted to show what I got during the past month ^w^ I should have done it before but I was hoping to my last parcel to arrive, but, it's obvious now, it will never come home sadly and my Eeveelus seem to be forever lost in the Paris' hell ;w; Damn the French post >.<

So here are my new items :3 (shitty quality but at least we can see something)

The HQ laying Eevee, which I got for a very good price from Y!J is just... the softest plush I've ever owned, honestly it's like touching a cloud and it's so squishy *^* I think it's my favourite plushie right now :3

The cute cookie tin I got from schenzi is soooo perfect and bigger than I expected, I'm very happy with it !

And finally the Umbreon pokedoll from pandaeatworld I won some time ago is a cutie patootie who can stand on his own (I was expecting it would face plant everytime) :3

I won a bunch of auctions on Y!J too, I'll get them on january or february I think but I can tell it will be a huge gets post this time !

Also, a question. I just found this guy on ebay for a good price. It's cute but I've no idea where it comes from ._. Like is it official ? Is it big ? And I don't know why but this little paw kind of disturb me, I don't know what to think :<

Guess that'll be all for now ! Thanks for viewing guys :D And I must tell you all that I'm very happy to be part of this community, you're all so kind and helpful and it's such a great and safe place here, it's just wonderful :3 Thanks all <3

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