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Collections Update!

I've got a LOT of new and recent additions to my collection since attending MFF(Midwest FurFest) in IL!
(Oddly enough me and docgerbilsworld happened to find a vender there with Pokemon Merch)

Some Previews!



(Excluding the attack Wailords and the Wailmers here, I got those off FB!)

Slaking Kids!

Unfortunately the Shaymin keychain thing is missing an ear :( but anyway's, that's it!
(The teeny tiny Azumarill ball I got from poke_zula)

Exlcuding the Quagsire, I also got these at the con!

And thats it! That's pretty much everything I got at the con!

Other stuff!

^^ These came in the mail today!! Got them in a trade with thedaftlynx!!! :D ^^
(Excluding the Exploud at the end) The first one was a surprise!

Flat Gets!

Some Deluxe Essential Handbook pages I bought from
m14mouse that also came in the mail today!!

+ what's on the backs of them!

And that's it! (again) That's all of my new/recent gets!

Thanks for looking and/or reading!!
Tags: arbok, azumarill, bellsprout, blaziken, cacnea, crobat, darumaka, drilbur, ekans, exploud, fearow, golbat, growlithe, gulpin, loudred, meowstic, meowth, ninjask, oddish, persian, quagsire, quilladin, sableye, shaymin, shedinja, shroomish, skymin, slaking, slakoth, spheal, swablu, swalot, thundurus, torchic, trubbish, venomoth, victreebel, vullaby, vulpix, wailmer, wailord, weepinbell, whimsur, whismur, yanma, zigzagoon, zubat
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