zora_star (zora_star) wrote in pkmncollectors,

pokemon worlds 2016 - aug 19-21 in san francisco!

Looks like it's official! (I'd make this more detailed with info, but I'm on my phone). I'm definitely going to check it out! But I have some questions to vetrans of Worlds:

Does it cost money/require tickets to come spectate?
How has it been for merch lineups? How early do you need to line up for it? Is it suggested to come early Friday to pick up the goods? Is getting autographs by lotto or lineups? Any other tips for first timers?

Looking forward to checking it out, even though it's almost a year away :p Glad it's finally close to home!

EDIT: bonus question for all! What do you think the theme/Pikachu will be for SF? Such a culutral mix I honestly can't even guess! Golden Pikachu? Rainbow Pikachu? Urban Pikachu? Basketball Pikachu?
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