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✿ Collection Weeding Sales!! & Small Update! ✿

grail.jpg Hello Everyone!! IMG_9103.JPG

( First, i'd just like to say that everyone who has bought from me in the past week, your packages were shipped today!! )

So i made some hard decisions today to part with a lot of my collection! ;u;
Some of my most beloved plushies are up for grabs. A lot of really nice and rare ones!
I did some organizing and decided to really try and contain my non ziggy/noony collection items to one single shelf. There are still a few outside the shelf that i don't want to let go of, but i think i really made some progress!

You better go grab them before i change my mind :3

Click on the banner to see!~

To make the post less glum, let's take a look at the organizing i did today! <3

Look at all the santa hats!! <333
I was shopping the other day, and found them for sale in Bath & Body Works for only $1 each! They are actually supposed to go on lotion bottles, but my mind had better plans for them! xD
faleepai the zig pillow you made me gets a hat!! Isn't it so cute?? :D <3

Here's a closer photo at a couple new items that came in recently! The ziggy backpack made by Angelberries! I LOVE his smile!! I hope to order a linoone from her as well!
And next to that is a very adorable little zig pillow made by our Faleepai!! <333 It was an amazing holiday gift that really cheered me up on a bad day!! :D <3 (I'll be working on something for them as well! <3 )

These are what is left after my collection weeding today! Plush that are either just my favorite or have some kind of sentimental value. <3 If you aren't seeing a plush here that you liked in my previous collection updates, it is probably in the sales post above! Go see! <3 :D

That's about it for today! I've been pretty quiet recently due to the holiday season, and also feeling very artsy recently so a lot of time has been spent on DA rather than here. I'll try to be more active! Hope you all have a wonderful holiday season even if you don't celebrate!! <3 :D

~ Thank you all for looking! <3
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