lucachan (lucachan) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Looking For a gift please!


I've been a member here for quite some time, I just don't post a lot, only comment.  But today I come with an important want! I'm looking for a Play by Play Sandshrew plush for a Christmas gift. I'd like to spend no more than about $30 if possible; we'll see what happens. Tags are not necessary, just nice condition of the plush itself. I know these are "rare", but several have sold on ebay recently WITH tags for about $40-45, and without for $25-30, so I think I can do it! Sandshrew is my cousin's favorite Pokemon and I would LOVE to find this guy! Thank you all! <3

Also, what are the differences in these plush? The more I search, the more I see that some of them have flat claws, and others have 3D claws on their hands :o Are there two Play By Play versions?
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