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PokemonTrader:// Japanese Card Emporium - Many Claims Posts Edition // ◕‿◕

Hello Pkmncollectors!

It's been a long time since I last offered my claims post services for new cards being released! Unfortunately, September was too hectic for me to order the mewtwo sets. I thankfully however will be finished up with this semester by the time that the new set arrives!

I have the claims posts divided up into sections. I'll have one for XY9: Rage of the Broken Heavens as well as the Battle Strength Decks. I also have a parcel incoming with some rare cards from 2001! The Japanese VS Series 2001 was a set that was only released in Japan. It featured many pokemon and gym leaders from the G/S era.

I am willing to combine cards from each of these posts. If you are interested in only one set, the shipping dates are outlined on each post. Feel free to click any of the images or titles to be transported to the posts. Happy Collecting All!

VS Series 2001

Pokemon VS - Booster Pack - Grass & Lightning front.jpgPokemon VS - Booster Pack - Psychic & Fighting front.jpgPokemon VS - Booster Pack - Fire & Water front.jpg

Battle Strength Decks

バトル強化セット 草/闘 バトル強化セット 炎/雷 バトル強化セット 水/超 デッキを強化するカードを手に入れろ!

XY9: Rage of the Broken Heavens

XY9 Booster Pack JP.jpg

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