Riolu Pup (riolu) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Riolu Pup

Looking for Pokebox GB Claim

Hello! I'm here with a quick request. In an effort to save some money on coins I'm looking for a third person that would be interested in claiming the Jolteon PokeBox coin in a small group buy with me and hazel_song.

In order to get the Flareon, Vaporeon, and Jolteon coins you need to spend $100 (not including shipping) in PokeBox's online store. I believe specifcally it is $60 to get Flareon, $80 to get Vaporeon, and $100 to get Jolteon.
I, myself, only have about $40 worth of items I'm interested in and hazel_song has about $30 worth. We're looking for a third person who has at least $30 worth of items they would be interested in buying to reach the minimum $100 needed to get all three coins.

I would be keeping the Flareon coin, hazel_song would be keeping Vaporeon, and the third person gets Jolteon. You also get the merchandise you bought of course. There is no extra charge for the coin.

If anyone is interested or has questions please let me know.

Sales Permission granted by godudette on 5/28/2013.

- This is a commitment! Once the items have been ordered you can NOT back out!
- There will be two payments.
- Payment 1 is for the inital order and shipping to me + fees. This is due immediatly as I would like to place the order ASAP.
- Payment 2 is shipping from me to you + fees. I ship from the US so be prepared for rather high international shipping.
- All PKMNCollectors rules apply.
Tags: group buy, jolteon
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