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Pika plush collection update + 2 inquiries

Konnichiwa minna-san! I have been wanting to do this update for quite awhile, but never got a chance to. My Pika plush army is growing. I soon may have enough to take over the world! *evil laugh* Ahem... anyway, pics under the cut. ^_^

The little one I received from lineaalba . ^_^ He's so cute! The bigger one I got on Black Friday at Japan Video Games. They were having a big in-store sale. All Pokemon items were discounted big time. This plush was only $20. <3 He's been a grail of sorts ever since I saw him at Anime Expo this year, but missed my chance. Now I'm happy as hell to finally own him! ^_^ He is so effing soft! I'm assuming the new Eevee plushes are made of the same felt-y material. I call these two plush the Cheeky Twins. =^^=

Adorable sleeping plush I got from double_breaker . ^_^

My little Xmas Pika plush! <3 Complete with hang tag to boot. I was surprised. He's very old. I wish I knew when he was made. The tags don't mention it. Trademark of most TOMY plush I've noticed. =/

My collection as a whole! World domination is not a far away dream anymore! Muhahahaha!!!

I also have a question about a plush I'm interested in.

Is this a legit plush? The Pikachu looks legit. I just wanna know it's origins before I commit to buy it. I appreciate any help. :)

I also have a question about a certain member. Has anyone seen invertedroum  anywhere? I ordered Topps cards from them in October, but haven't received them. =/ I'm concerned...
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