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Wintery Sales and Auctions

I got a bunch of stuff that has been piling up for a few months now. This will probably be my last sales post this year. Big pictures under the cuts. Here's the countdown for offers and auctions: Countdown

I was granted sales permission on 6/11/14 by allinia.
My feedback is here:

regular gengar tongue Rules and Info:

• I ship from the USA. I do ship internationally. Domestic shipping starts at $2.25 (comes with free tracking) and Int. starts at $6.60 (comes with limited tracking). Shipping is done within TWO business days for domestic and international orders!

• I only take Paypal. All prices are in USD. Send money as "paying for goods and services" and not as a "gift". I NO LONGER ACCEPT E-CHECKS because the checks usually fail. Prices do not include Paypal fees.

There is a minimum purchase of $2 before shipping, except for things that can be shipped as flats. If you want to purchase a single thing that's below the minimum, you may choose to pay the remainder to meet the requirement.

• You do not need to commit to get priority. After I get you a quote, as courtesy to others who might also be interested, reply if you're interested or not so we can all move along.

If it has an OBO (Or Best Offer), you're free to go lower. If someone commits to the item for full price, it will go to them. I will most likely accept offers right away unless I know something has sold for higher or the same price. I always try to price things under auction sites value since I don't need to cover fees.

Payment is due in 24 hours after your total is posted if you commit. Otherwise, negative feedback will be left/you will lose the item.

• Non-smoking home but I have a dog; he sheds. Keep this in mind if you have extreme allergies.

• Once the package leaves my claws, I can no longer be held responsible for it. I can do insurance for domestic orders; let me know if you want insurance for an international order(Starts at around $15). All sales are final, no returns. If I somehow sent you the wrong item, I will ship you the right one at no extra charge.

mega gengar Trades/Partial Trades

I'M ACCEPTING TRADES. Gimme some Gengar stuff. Here is my wanted list and wanted flats:

mega gengar tongue Auction Rules

• Bid in increments of $1.

• Reply to the previous highest bidder or your bid will not be counted. If you make a mistake, do not edit your comment and just let me know.

• AVOID making bids from the LJ app. This app sucks and it has been known to not show comments properly and make people bid in the wrong areas and screw everything up. If you must bid on your phone, please use the website.

• NO SNIPING. I swear to Bob if you snipe, I might ban you from my sales. I'm tired of sitting around 30 minutes waiting for bids to end and it's really a crap move to the other bidder. Bid at least an hour prior.

PAYMENT IS DUE IN 24 HOURS AFTER I POST YOUR TOTAL. Let me know if you will be delayed in making this payment. If there's no communication, item goes to the second highest bidder/you will lose your claim and negative feedback will be left.

The Goods

Battle pencil caps - Pokemon ones are $2 each. Note that Vaporeon has a minor scratch. Can be seen in picture.
The colored ones are free with a purchase. They are used to play the battle pencil game.

Sold: Jolteon cap

Battle Pencils - $2.50 each

Kinda damaged pencils - 25 cents each or free with a purchase. They have chips and stuff.

Not mint The Pokemon Night clearfile - $3

1st Gen Stencils - $3 each

Shiny Gyarados promotional torretta - $5 OBO
Clefairy Meiji wood plate - $3

Halloween wrappers. Yes, I finally got my Mega Gengar or rather, seven of them!
I have multiples of each wrapper. THESE CAN BE SHIPPED AS FLATS UP TO 2 WRAPPERS. Just found out these are too big to fit envelopes if I put any cardboard. These need to go as large flats but it's not very expensive at all.
Please note these have minor wrinkles. IF YOU BUY, WASH THE INSIDES OF THESE WHEN YOU GET THEM. They might be greasy from the snacks. Minimum purchase rule doesn't count for flats.

50 cents each; Ghost Show wrappers are 25 cents each


Mega Gengar and Mega Banette - 5x
Mega Houndoom and Mega Sableye- 4x
Secret rare wrap (Pikachu, Banette, Bats, Purrloin) - 6x
Noibat and Pikachu - 5x
Pikachu with broom - 5x
Gastly wrappers - 25 cents each; I think I have 5

Pokemon Petit wrappers - Greens are 50 cents
Blues - free with purchase or pay for shipping.
I kinda butchered getting these open because I suck. Features Eevee, Dedenne, and Pikachu.

BIG Halloween wrappers x1 - $1 each
This is a pain to ship but if there's someone that wants it, I am willing to ship it to help them out with their collection. I will make an exception with my minimum purchase rule for this. Shipping for this big thing is $3 inside the USA with cardboard protection; inquire for international shipping because it varies. It will be cheaper if you are ok with having it folded.

Gengar stuff

Coin pouch plush with tag - $5; he is good but one popped up super mint last week and I bought that one instead. He has a thing on the eye. Tag is faded.
Mini clearfile - $6; features Ghosts on the back
Pokemon Shuffle lottery stamp - $8; I just got this but the seller didn't include the box or insert, so I got one that did. This is less than what you would pay for even if you got it off Japan. Though it's new, it has minor surface scratches.



The way this works is that I can accept a price earlier than the time the offers end.

So I spent a ton on these fricken balls and they probably not worth much lol. I just wanted a minty Gengar with insert. So they are up for offers, including my old Gengar. I will let 12 hours go by without offers before accepting one. Offers end at the same time as auctions. Inserts are free with purchase but have water damage, except the first one. The best condition one goes to whoever inquired about it first.

Gengar - starts at $4; in good condition. Has few tiny cracks on teeth and one on the eye. Has weird holes on the back.

Poliwhirl - Starts at $2; please note the paint chip.
Snorlax - Starts at $3; minty.


Halloween stickers still in package

2011 Halloween (Unova) sheet starts at $7
2009 Ghost promo (Gen 4) sheet start at $10

Mega Vs. Cards
These are apparently new but they have minor dings and scratches because the clear part of them is REALLY sensitive, almost like photo paper. They came to me like this. Don't bid if you want super mint cards.

Mega Ampharos vs Mewtwo X - Starts at $2

Mega Absol vs Primal Kyogre - Starts at $3

You may comment now.

This isn't part of sales but I found this awesome Mega Gengar vs card and was wondering what set he comes from or if there's another one with Mega Gengar getting attacked? I will pay $20 for it if there is one.


I went to to the mall the other day and found the 2016 Pokemon calendar. I don't know why I thought it would be as nice as the Japanese one lol. They didn't even put Hoopa Unbound with all the legendaries?! That's 'Murica merch for you. Click it for bigger pic.

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