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Hello! I'm new here!

Hi everyone.
I'm new here so nice to meet you. I've been looking this community for some months and today I decided to share with you what I got.
I'm fan of Pokémon but I almost never buy new merchandising, what I do is buy used items with really low prices in flea markets. Also a lot of things I've got just because people give it to me.
This things are what I like the most from what I have. I don't have very much things but I would like to star get more items of Pokémons that I specially like like Bulbasaur or Psyduck.
A little more about me: I'm 25, I work as an artist at a videogames studio and I have been playing Pokémon since I was 16. I used to play the trading card game when it was released. Here are some links where you can see some of my work as an illustrator .

I got this two plushies from a flea market at €1 each.

I'm fan of Ninendo and I collect videogame consoles too so this is really special for me cause it is a console and it is a Pokémon edition! It costs me €5

I found Charmander in a flea market. Machamp and Venusaur were a gift from a friend.

This one is really cool. It costs me €5.

Well. Nice to meet you. I'll try to share with you all that I find. And please forgive my english, I'm still learning hehehe.
Tags: bulbasaur, charmander, introductions, machamp, pikachu, psyduck, venusaur
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