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Offers: Pokemon Time Merchandises, Gachapons, Heracross DX figure and Bags + Discount Shipping!

Tons of items up for offers. Lower than starting offers may be considered. Please also check out my sales below. Prices have been reduced!

Here's a little preview:

I am still doing a special shipping discount:
*For every purchase over $25 gets 10% OFF shipping.
*For every purchase over $50 gets 25% OFF shipping.



Please read my rules carefully.
*All pkmncollectors rules apply
*I was granted sales permission on September 22nd, 2014 by entirelycliched
*My community feedback can be found here: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/aki199257/
*I will not sell to banned users.
*Please express clearly whether you are committed or just asking a quote. Priority on item(s) will go to those who first commits to the item(s).
*The price of each item does not include Paypal fees and shipping cost.
*Negative feedback will be left if you back out of a sale, please do not commit if you cannot pay.
*I come from a pet-free and non-smoking home.
*I will not accept returns and not responsible for lost packages or damaged packages, once the items leaves my hands.
*Majority of the items are USED. If you are concerned about the conditions of the items, please ask for further details or pictures if needed.
*I accept holds for 24 hours only if you are committed to the item(s).
*Payment is expected within 24 hours. Please contact me if you need more time to pay for items before you commit to the item.
*Offers are welcome. But don't be upset if I reject your offer thou. Whoever has the best offers gets the item.
*If you have read my rules, please write "bubbles" somewhere in your message.
*I am willing to consider trades, here's my wants list: http://aki199257.livejournal.com/1222.html. Mostly interested in customs (plush or figure) and pokemon from my main collection: Bulbasaur, Chikorita, Dragonite, Houndoom, Houndour, Poochyena, Mightyena, Shinx, Luxray, Pikachu, Pachirisu, and Leafeon. Feel free to contact me!

*Shipping to the U.S. starts at $8.50+ for small to medium size plushies. Anything over 2cm will go under this rate.
*For flats, shipping starts at $2 for shipping in an envelope for smaller flats and $5.50 for notebook size. Small Mega Bloks can go under the flat rate. Anything as long as it is within 2cm, can go under the flat rate.
*Shipping does not include tracking, if you need tracking, please ask.

Offers Rules:
*Offers can be accepts before the end time.
*Offers ends one month from today on January 12th, 2016 at 10:00PM EST. Here is the countdown timer: http://www.timeanddate.com/countdown/generic?iso=20160112T22&p0=250&msg=Pokemon+Time+Offers&font=sanserif&csz=1&swk=1


Side 1:

Side 2:



Eeveelution Gachapon with candies (MIP) - Offers Starts at $25

Measurements: Around 4" tall x 2" wide x 2" length. These are approximations and there might be slight differences in the measurements.

I have two available but I am putting one for offers for now, I might consider putting the other one up for offers later on if there is more interest. It seems to feature all eeveelutions.


Side 1:

Side 2:



Mega Rayquaza (Mega Groudon and Mega Kyogre) Gachapon with candies (MIP) - Offers Starts at $25

Measurements: Around 4" tall x 2" wide x 2" length. These are approximations and there might be slight differences in the measurements.

This is the only perfect one left. The other one available in the store was damaged.


Pokemon Time Box featuring Kanto Starters (2008) - Offers Starts at $30
Pokemon Time Bulbasaur Tin (2008) - Offers Starts at $15
Pokemon Time Charmander Tin (2008) - Offers Starts at $15
Pokemon Time Squirtle Tin (2008) - Offers Starts at $15
Pokemon Time Politoed Pen (MIP) (2010) - Offers Starts at $40
Pokemon Time Lapras Pen (MIP) (2010) - Offers Starts at $35

Here are some close ups of the Pokemon Time Box. It is the box that protects the Pokemon Time Mug, but I am only offering the box for sales right now. There is some minor scratches and dents on the box. There is also slight yellowing on the edge of the top as shown in the picture below. I would say the box is in great condition, used (I did not use this box myself). If you need any additional pictures, please ask!


Side 1:

Side 2:

Side 3:

Side 4:

It is mint in package. Never used or played with. There is a sticker on the tag.

Heracross DX figure - Offers Starts at $45!

Some may be better conditions than others. There are some wear and signs of use. If you need a better description of any bag, please let me know!

Side 1:

Side 2:

Turtwig Shopper - Offers Starts at $5
Chimchar Shopper - Offers Starts at $5
Side 1:

Side 2:

Reshiram and Zekrom Large Shopper - Offers Starts at $5
Reshiram and Zekrom and BW Starters Shopper - Offers Starts at $5
Side 1:

Side 2:

BW Starters Shopper - Offers Starts at $1
Pikachu Shopper - Offers Starts at $1
Tokyo-Bay Shopper - Offers Starts at $8

Squirtle Mirage Lot $125 OBO
*Mirage Squirtle is about 5.5" tall, 5" long and 5" wide!
*Squirtle Walky Plush is mint with both tags and charms. Charms have slightly yellowed over time which is very normal for this line of plushies.

Mewtwo Mirage Lot $500 OBO
*Mirage Mewtwo is about 7.5" tall, 7.5" long and 6" wide!
*Hasbro Mewtwo bank is mint in box.
*Mewtwo bottlecap is mint in package.

Pikachu Plush Lot $42 (before shipping) or individually:
*Hasbro Pikachu with zipper at the back (Hasbro, no tags) $10
*Closed mouth smiling Pikachu (JPY) $10
*Advance Generation Pikachu (Large) $20
*Advance Generation Pikachu (Small, keychain) $12

Tepig Lot $11 (before shipping) or individually:

*Tepig (JPN TOMY) $10
*Tepig Plush Keychain (JPN) $3

Custom Slyveon (soft fleece) $75 OBO
Pokemon Walky Squirtle Plush with Emoticons (*RARE*!, not in production anymore, 2010, JPN)
Seel Plush (SOLD)
Pokemon Friends Plushies (JPN, Bandai): Poliwhirl $10 and Charmander $12, Psyduck $6 Ditto $30

Charmander Wind Chime (*RARE, JPN) $50 OBO
Charmander Bank $35 OBO
Pikachu Bank $7
Pikachu Standing Mcdonalds Toy (doesn’t light up anymore ) $1
Buneary Bobblehead MIB (*RARE, JPN, made in 2009) $14
Bulid-able Ash $6
Lucario Kara Figure $12
Mega Groudon 2014 Promo Figure (JPN) $12
Pikachu Bottlecap $3
Grovyle in bottle figure (*RARE, New, JPN) $15
Pikachu Rolly figure $5
Tyranitar TFG $5
Azurill Bean (New, JPN) $4
Mewtwo Bottlecap MIP
Build-able Charzard (SOLD)
Build-able Zapdos (SOLD)

Kakuna Keychain $2
Chikorita Squishy Keychain (*RARE*, JPN) $15
Pikachu Chubby Keychain $7
Pikachu Keychain (Vintage) $6
Winter Series Snowman Charms (Pikachu and Oshawott) $10 each
Elekid Strap $9
Bulbasaur Pokemon Centre Strap (New, JPN) $25
Pikachu P-shaped light $2

Mewoth Swing Chain $5
Gyarados Swing Chain $10
Pikachu Swing Chain (MIP) (SOLD)
Machop Swing Chain $7
Clefairy Swing Chain $9
Charmander Swing Chain $8
Squirtle Swing Chain $8
Tiny Pikachu Ball-Chain $4
Pikachu Strap $5
Zorua Strap $5
Bulbasaur Strap $10
Eevee Ball-Chain $5
Mankey Bal-Chain $3
Tiny Pikachu Charm $4
Tiny Pikachu Charm #2 $5
Registeal Charm $7
Croagunk Ball-Chain $3
Smaller Eevee Ball-Chain (MIP) $6
Kyurem Ball-Chain (MIP) $6
Deoxys Ball-Chain (MIP) $5
Charizard Ball-Chain (MIP) (SOLD)
Dialga Metal Ball-Chain (MIP) $6
Lucario Metal Ball-Chain $8
Squritle Metal Ball-Chain $4
Treecko Metal Ball-Chain $5
Flygon Metal Ball-Chain $10

Suppose to light up. I am unsure how it works:
Poliwag Strap with Pokeball $8
Jigglypuff Strap with Pokeball $10
Skitty Strap with Pokeball $10
Weepinbell Strap with Pokeball $5
Wobbuffet Strap with Pokeball (SOLD)
Ludicolo Strap with Pokeball $5
Pichu Strap with Pokeball $7
*Inserts comes with every strap!

Unofficial Mewtwo Keychain $5

Large Mega Bloks:
*Groudon $8
*Rest $5

Regular Mega bloks are $5 each unless otherwise stated:

Column #1:
*Pelipper X2
*Wingull (SOLD)

Column #2:
*Treecko X 2 $8 each
*Torchic $8

Column #3:
*Spinda $8
*Zigzagoon $12
*Swablu X2 $8 each

Column #4:
*Pikachu shocked X2
*Pikachu happy
*Pikachu angry

Column #5:
*Carvanha X2

Column #6:
*Phanpy $10
*Sandshrew X2 $8 each

Column #7:
*Gardevoir $10
*Kirlia $10
*Roselia $8
*Ninjask (SOLD)
*Illumise x2

Column #8:
*Spheal $10
*Wailmer $10
*Surskit X2
*Azurill X2

Column #9:
*Natu $10
*Igglybuff $8
*Gulpin X2 $8 each

Energy Bases:
$0.25 each or one free when you buy more than 5 bloks. SOLD: Fire bases

Row #1:
Grimer FCS $5
Zubat FCS $5
Nidoqueen FCS $5
Marowak FCS $5

Row #2:
Dodou FCS X2 $5 each
Hitmonlee FCS $5
Pinsir FCS $5
Jynx FCS $3

Row #3:
Aerodactyl (brown base) FCS $5
Aerodactyl (green base) FCS $6
Charizard FCS $8
Venusaur FCS X2 $8 each

Row #4:
Alakazam (no base) FCS $5
Raichu (some marks) FCS $5
Poliwhirl X 2 $5 (with base) $4 (without base)
Squirtle FCS $5
Omanyte FCS $9

Row #5:
MIP Pikachu FCS $5
Clear Pikachu FCS (SOLD)
Blissey FCS $5
Zubat FCS $5
Crobat FCS $6

*Inserts are free. One per person.

Snorlax Kid $3
Bulbasaur Kid (slight paint rub) $3
Bayleef Kid $3
Shiny Painted Jolteon Kid (some marks) $5
Unown (G) Kid $3
Mudkip Suction Cup $10
Venusaur Suction Cup $10
Pikachu Suction Cup $5
Ditto Stamper *Rare* $15
Mew Stamper *Rare* $15
Mew Bowling pin *Rare* $18
Hitmonchan Metal figure $3

Vintage Stampers (Red and blue) $5 each except Rattata with the missing cap is $4. SOLD: Sandshrew
Pikachu self-ink Stampers $3 each
Other self-ink Stampers $5 each SOLD: Stantler
Snorlax Stamper $6
Alakazam Stamper $6
Gastly Stamper $6
Ponyta Stamper (SOLD)
Rapidash Stamper (SOLD)

Nidorina Stamper $8
Seadra Stamper $6
Kadabra Stamper $6
Blastiose Stamper $8
Ivysaur Stamper (missing bottom cap) $5
Pokemon Monsters Self-Ink Stampers (still have ink and works great!): Chansey $8, Poliwhirl $6, Pikachu $5
*Green Case is free you buy all 3 roll stampers
Marill Stamper (not self-ink) $8
Oddish Stamper (not self-ink) $8

Dragonite Pose-able Figure $10
Sandshrew Tomy Figure $6
Fennekin 7/11 Figure $7
Froakie 7/11 Figure $5
Chespin 7/11 Figure $5
Diancie 7/11 Figure $7
Klefki 7/11 Figure $6
Standing Glossy Pikachu $5
Gengar Figure $10
Sneasel Figure (SOLD)
Minun Figure $5
Latias Figure $6
Chandelure Figure $5
Surfing Pikachu $6
Sleepy Pikachu $7
Kyogre Rolly $10
Bellossom Figure $4
Clefairy Figure $4
Machop Figure $4
Samurott Figure #1 $3
Samurott Figure #2 $3
Raticate Figure $3
Pikachu Figure $3
Cyndraquil Colour Dice $6
Slowpoke Figure $6
Sandshrew Figure $7
Geodude Figure $3
Venusaur Figure $8
Dratini Mini Figure $5
Emolga Figure $3
Bulbasaur Pokedex figure $4
Meowth Chibi Pokemodels Figure (Super Rare) $8
Flareon Chibi Pokemodels Figure (Super Rare) $40 OBO
Minccino plush tail pen $20
Bulbasaur Vintage Gel Pen (Ink no longer works) $2
Pikachu Pencil Cap $0.50

Pokemon Tapes:
*1st Row $10 (2 stock)
*2nd Row $12

$5 each except Kakuna and Beedrill is $3

Clear Pikachu Candle Figure $10

Mystery Dungeon Pencil Board (double sided, there is different print on the other side) (2007) $10
Mystery Dungeon Notebook (another print on the other side) (2007) $10
Clarify 3D sticker $1
Pan Stickers: Marill and Axew $3 each
Mewtwo with Espeon flat $5
Chansey Flat $1
Mochi Leafeon Custom Keychain $5
Cyndraquil DS Game Cases $7

Large Mega Blok Pokeballs (some marks) $10 each
Heal Ball $8
Mini Vinly Pokeball $5

FREEBIES PER $25 PURCHASE!!! May increase shipping.
*Poke-box bookmark is free with a purchase over $75 not including shipping.
TAKEN: Xerneas sticker
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