Wolf (myuutoo) wrote in pkmncollectors,

A large new friend comes to play...

Long time, no see~
I haven't been active in quite a while due to college, and there's a bunch of get/collection updates I'll have to make eventually
but this new arrival is kind of something I want to talk about in the moment.

Boy, that sure is a big box...

The reveal~

He is free!!

So this guy is a pretty exciting get for me.

For a long time I never even knew this thing existed, and until recently I had only ever seen one person in possession of one.
I later found out that it's the grand prize from a lottery held in a japanese 7-11 store(s?),
so the fact I hadn't really seen it around made a bit more sense.

Because of this, I never really expected to come across one,
but I definitely thought about how cool it would be to have such a comically large 'Two figure for my collection...

...and then the impossible happened.

I was totally shocked when I saw the listing during a casual browse (just kinda "window shopping", not expecting anything desirable to pop up) and after recovering from said shock, snatched 'im up as quickly as possible.

I'm super happy to welcome this new space cat to my little family, and I now need to think up a name for this giant king of the clones.
Tags: gets, mewtwo
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