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Small sales, a get, and something slightly awry...

Hi everybody! It's been quite a while since i've made a post here (moving across the country will do that to ya) so to all the new members, hello! My name is Brent, and i am a hoarder collector of Reshiram, the legendary beast trio, Pikachu and various others. Today i have a few things to share, along with a small sales post of some miscellaneous things that have been in storage. First thing's first, a very important and very amazing get!

THE NENDOROID N. AAAAAAHHHH. I am so in love with this figure, you have no idea. Or maybe you do. My only complaint is not having a third faceplate, though i'm not too sure what that third expression would be...but either way, he's ridiculously adorable and if you like N and Reshiram and/or Nendoroids, you MUST pick him up. Speaking of is absolutely beautiful. The size and weight are perfect and it wasn't too hard to put together, though some have had issues with theirs. The head and wings are on ball joints, which allow for some great poses and his little leggies are on pegs to allow for all of your swiveling needs.

Also! if anyone happens to have an Umbreon kuttari cutie plush, particularly the awake version, please let me know if you'd be willing to sell for around $15 shipped or even trade for anything in my sales. I'm very sad to have missed it on pokecen :(

Now, for some sales!
Sales permission granted in March of 2011 by Dakajojo. Feedback here!
-I will be shipping everything first class by Friday (December 18th) morning. If I do not get your payment by Friday or you commit to buy after Friday morning, your items will be shipped after the holidays. This is both to ensure you get your item(s) safely and to minimize stress on myself.
-All items will be shipped in bubble mailers of appropriate size, wrapped up as needed with bubble wrap. If you want a box, just let me know and i will quote shipping for you based on whatever size-appropriate box i've got on hand. :D
-All prices marked shipped are for US shipping only, if you're outside the US feel free to ask for a quote!
-I do follow the usual community rule for commitment! If you simply ask for a quote, but someone else states that they've committed, the person who has stated their commitment to buy gets priority.
-I accept Paypal, and may accept trades for Reshiram items, especially figures. Feel free to ask!

First, we have some TOMY figures!

Back row: $10 each
Middle row: $5 each (some may have minor scuffs)
Front row: $2 each (many have minor to major scuffs or slight breakage)

Next, Hasbro action figures!

Sceptile and Aggron: $13 each (includes bubble mailer + shipping to USA!)
Corphish and Mudkip: $4 each

Jakks Misdreavus: $7.50 (includes bubble mailer + shipping to USA!)
Misdreavus V-Trainer: $13 (same as above!)

Woobat Jakks Plush MWT, Chespin TOMY MWT: $15 each (shipped to USA!)

And now, the last thing i have for you today...something not so good.

Uh...Raikou seems to have misplaced his tail. Possibly thanks to a giant, real life cat! If anyone has a spare tail for a Raikou zukan (even the non-shiny version), or if you have a complete one that you'd trade for anything in my sales, please let me know. Thanks for reading, everybody! Happy holidays!
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