ladysheik (ladysheik) wrote in pkmncollectors,

I'm alive! //re-intro

It's been about 4...5 months since I've visited here?
Well I'm back, and I'm finally going to stick around. ┐(‘v`;)┌

Some of you might not remember me, but my name is Sapphire! I'm 15, and I'm a more casual collector due to- aha, not really having a way to make money and being a student. I collect Absol, Leafeon, Sawsbuck and Xerneas.

A while back I dropped a lot of my hobbies due to something that happened at home, but I'm slowly picking myself and everything back up again, like drawing, photography and collecting.


Sorry about the bad quality! Here is my teensy Absol collection. In fact, I do have other items, but they are currently packed away in storage. I need a better way to display them.

I'm probably really behind in terms of merchandise releases and everything. :') If there's any upcoming Absol items, please let me know! Thank you! <3 (And hopefully that cut works, it's been a while.)
Tags: absol
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