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Multipost: Reminder, GA Update, and Some Questions

My auctions and offers will be ending later today. You can click any of the pictures to be taken to the post!


Update on the Minimodel GA: This thing is severely delayed due to the holidays. The deputy still hasn't received it in their US warehouse. Sorry about that! I wanted to get these out a week ago but I'll just have to wait. My guess is any day now they should get it and I'll make the post asap. I'll reply to everyone's comments on the Payment 1 post to notify them.

Now my questions in hopes that somebody here can help.

I wanted to buy this Spooky Party notebook to see if Gengar was inside the pages. There were a few left in stock and they suddenly disappeared. Now they're double the price and double the shipping cost. Does anyone have the notebook and can they let me know if Gengar is inside?

Next is these Pokemikke patch...things? They were due in December and the Pokemikke page didn't link directly to the listing. I thought they would update the listing so you could order but when I clicked on the Pokemon category a few days ago, they were already there and completely out of stock. The thing is, these were never in the Pokemon category at all when I went through all the pages every other day. I was only able to find them when I chose to display the "newest" items first because I found it strange they weren't available by now.
Then a couple of days ago, the listing was entirely taken down! This was the listing's page:

Now it just says these have been moved to mail order; what does that even mean?
Are they discontinued?! Did anyone manage to get an order in? I don't even think they were available at all.

I tried asking FJ to email them to see what happened but they were of no help and told me they were due in December. Because I already didn't know that, right?
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