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✿ Semi-Hiatus Announcement & XY Mug Find & Wish List! ✿

grail.jpg Hello Everyone!! IMG_9103.JPG

So before i start i just want to let everyone know that your packages have been shipped today!! I was supposed to do it Monday and then missed the PO due to business at work and such. ;n;
( clicky797 Yours will go out tomorrow! I have to pick up a bigger bubble mailer after work since vulpix's stubborn tails won't fit in the ones i have now! xD )

Okay so yeah you may have noticed i've been pretty inactive lately!
The title says i am taking a hiatus, but only like a half hiatus if that makes sense? xD
I'll still check here and there for zigzagoon or linoone items and reply to any messages or tags for them. So if you have any items or links to items i might like, please still feel free to message or tag me!!
The only thing changing is that i won't really be replying to regular chit chat messages as often or be doing sales for a while (unless you're spending enough to make it worth it for me). I also won't be checking the comm very often.

Basically life is at a turning point for me and i need to focus on some other things.
(Personal stuff ahead, skip if you don't want to read):
- I finally got my license and car which means ill have insurance to pay. I'll also be starting to save for a house!! Which is exciting! But staying away from the comm and only focusing on zig line items will definitely help my random spending on other cute things i don't need. xD
- I don't have very much free time to myself when i get home from work, so spending hours replying to tons of messages or packaging items and making trips to the PO really takes almost my entire evenings up until bedtime. I don't get to do anything i want or relax lately.
- Social anxietyyy ugh! With the holidays comes a lot of socializing with family, and then socializing at work, and then coming to the internet and chit chatting here is just very very exhausting for me. (I have aspergers syndrome pls understand. ;n; )
- I've been feeling very very artistic lately! All ive wanted to do is draw! I've been getting into animal character designs and such. So i'd like to spend any extra time doing that! You can see my drawings here if you're interested: Deviantart yay!

That's about it i think! ;u; Anyways, this isn't poke-related but look at my adorable driving buddies! Renald Raccoon and Freckles the Leopard.

In better and more Pokemon related news, look at this cool XY mug i saw at Newbury Comics yesterday!

Last but not least, wishes!! These are my most wanted items so please please if you have or see them for sale let me know <333
korean cards.jpgneed.jpgneed.jpgneed.jpgstickers!!!.jpgneed.jpgdexcards.jpg
Here is a link to my other wishes:

That's it for today! I hope everyone has a great holiday season!! <3 I'll miss you all during my semi-break! C:

~ Thank you all for looking! <3
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