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Collection Thinning + Tomy Pose sales + Gauging Interest

Kind of a multi-purpose thread :p Anyhow, I just wanted to start it off by having a talk on collection thinning.

I've been slowing working on it, and this is my third time with digging through my collection and selling off a bunch of stuff, in a large lot. It's... hard :p When I first started collecting heavily in 2011, I pretty much bought anything and everything Pokemon. Since all we had at the time was Jakks (when we weren't importing, of course) I ended up with A LOT of Jakks figures and plush! Slowly though, I have been thinning them out. There are definitely some that still mean a lot to me, and some that were too cute/well-made to get rid of, but some I just don't have the same attachment as I once did. With access to PokemonCenter.com, it's SO easy now (in the US) to get Pokemon plush! Tomy are around to, and PokeCens have been trickling into stores. Now, as more of a set/series collector, I can focus on those now. I also saved A LOT of room and flatted a lot of boxes that once housed my Pose figures. I decided against displaying them upright. It would just take up way too much room!

Do you have any stories on collecting thinning? How do you decide what to keep and what to finally part with? I know some get rid of entire collections in one go, but I could never do that, with the dedication to some of my sets!

Also, I wanted to re-post an old sale before I add them to my lot (just to get rid of more, so the lot won't contain a bunch of doubles).
As a huge Tomy Pose figure fan (which is a figure line that aren't as well-known as others) they usually come out around twice or so a year, are kind of glossy, some assembly required (like 2-3 pieces tops) and come with a ramune candy^^ Pictured are my copies I have to display for the ones I have for sale. They are all MIB, or otherwise stated for cheaper shipping etc.
$10 each! PLEASE do state if you want the box in tact, flattened, or no box at all!
(Sales permission+details etc. listed on my LJ here: http://zora-star.livejournal.com/)
I currently have:
Hoopa Unbound x2 x1
Arceus x3 x2
Lugia x1


Lastly, I wanted to gauge interest and see if anyone would be interest in these diorama figures (Pokemon Gekitou Motions by Bandai)? I'm trying to decide whether to make them their own separate auction, or stick them into my lot sale. Not sure how much demand there would be :x I have all 5 in the set, mint in box still.

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