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Lots of exciting gets! :)

I'm home from uni for Christmas and have finally had time to open all the packages that were waiting for me! :D There's quite a few items for all my different collections, so here we go! ^-^ And just a warning that this will be very photo heavy! XD

Firstly, I have some new items for my three side collections! :)

I've finally made a start on my new side collection of Amaura and Aurorus! :) I don't plan to collect flats of these guys but the trozei stickers were just too cute to pass up! :3 I've also got the pokedoll, who isn't pictured.

Some additions to my Suicune collection! :) I've always loved Suicune but since her merch can be pricey and hard to find I'm only side collecting her. Pictured here is the Zukan (which I'm so glad to own at long last! XD), the kid figure, the European exclusive strap, a keshipoke, a sticker and a McDonalds toy. I also have a very special item which I won by sheer dumb luck: the Pokepark keyholder! :D

I love the design of the three legendary dogs as Carousel horses! :) I saw an auction for another item with this design on a few months ago but it went very far out of my price range! XD Luckily, I stumbled across this on Y!J and won for the low starting bid. I'm so very glad to be able to own at least one piece of Pokepark merch! :) I really hope they bring it back for the 20th anniversary (or better yet, bring it to Europe! XD)!
I don't think I've shared a pic of my Suicune collection yet, so here it is! :)

I also have five of the plush but they live with the pokedolls in my shoe holder haha! XD I hope to find more figures in the future to add to my tiny Suicune shrine! :)

Next up we have some Swablu/Altaria flats. I'm still adament that I won't collect every flat of these guys, only the ones I like! :) The Altaria page at the top was included as a freebie by mercurrix who was very very kind and middlemanned a large box of stuff for me! :) A lot of this stuff wouldn't be in this collection update if not for her so a massive thanks! ^-^

These are my new Swablu items. I finally got round to buying the tretta, and also added a second retsuden stamp and mega block to my collection! XD I like the idea of stacking lots of Swablus on top of each other! :) I also have the bell keychain which I'm so happy to have found! :D

I'm also very excited to have received the Pokemon Time Swablu earphone charm! :D This item was very close to becoming one of my high Swablu wants so I'm glad to finally have it! :) Now I only need the Swablu Pokemon Time pen and the mousemat and I will have all the Swablu Pokemon Time things! :)

Here are my Altarias. Got the last kid figure I needed to complete the set, and also found a lovely Pokemon chip. The bell is also very cute, but sadly Altaria fell off during shipping! XD

I also managed to find not one but two Altaria Banpresto plush! XD I bought one without its tush tag from the comm ages ago, but then saw one with its tush tag for an amazingly low price! XD I couldn't resist! XD If anyone wants this plush without the tush tag feel free to make an offer! XD If not I'll probably just keep her with the others! :)
And last but most definitely not least...

Altaria pokedoll! :O I'm so happy to finally have this! XD She's so cute and fluffy and I'm never ever ever going to sell her! ^-^ This would be the point where I say yay my Altaria plush collection is complete and then share photos of the complete set, but there have been new releases and now I need the all star plush and the Mega Altaria Pikachus! XD Not that I'm complaining! ;)

Next is my Articuno collection! :) This collection is seriously getting big! O_o I don't actually have room for a lot of my new items! XD

First are some stickers. I got the two stickers near the top from eBay and they're so lovely and sparkly! :) I also found a gum sticker which is quite cool! :) The rest were bought from the comm. The shiny sticker with glare has a picture of Articuno fighting Tyranitar on it.

Next are some other flats. I'm so happy to have the stamp and the topps card! :D Both appeared on eBay for low BIN prices, so of course I snatched them up! ^-^ I absolutely love the pose Articuno has on these items! :) I wish it was used more often! XD I also got a couple of Banpresto postcards, a Meji card and a keyring! :)

Articuno settei! :D I've been eyeing these up for quite a while and finally decided to buy them! :) I'm not much of a drawer but I love being able to see all the different images! :) I will probably store these in a clearfile for now. Does anyone else have settei? How do you display them?

Here is a random lot of items! XD Finally managed to find the Hanafuda coaster, badge and card! :) Now I just need the notepad, poster and t-shirt! :) I also have a couple of cute Articuno seals and a seal box which looks like a gameboy and a pog! :)

My Articuno mini model collection has tripled now that these have arrived! XD I also have a clear orange figure! :) I'm super happy with the silver and metallic green ones! :) Thanks xxlatiosxx! ^-^

My favourite piece of merch - figures! :D I finally found the last FCS figure I needed! :) It's missing it's ice beam attack but I can live with that! XD Also got the suction cup figure (which is adorable! :3), the clear keyring figure, a strap, the bell charm on a pokeball, a pin badge, and another figure whose name I can't remember! XD

An Articuno skateboard! XD Why did they ever decide to make Pokemon skateboards? XD

I finally managed to buy the last Articuno plush I need! :D The Tomy finger puppet! :)

I actually already own a finger puppet of Articuno, but as you can see they are very different! O_o Does anyone know why? I'm hoping that there will be an Articuno plush released for the 20th anniversary, but I won't hold my breath! :/ For now I'll just enjoy looking at all my ugly birds stacked together! XD

And finally my Absol collection! :) It's getting really hard to find new stuff for this, but I like a challenge! >:D

Here are my new Absol flats! :) Once again I've been given some lovely Mega Absol freebies by mercurrix (thank you! ^-^ Very thoughtful! ^-^)! The Absol vs Kirlia card is the last Absol VS card I needed so I'm glad to have that and I also finally got the Absol and Lucario bormide! :D It's much bigger than I was expecting! :) I bought the trozei postcard from pokevault and managed to find the Absol vs Piplup sticker I missed out on when I first started collecting! XD

Here I have the Absol Pokemon Time pen! :D I thought this was the last piece of Pokemon Time merch I needed but there's also a mousemat that features Absol (and Swablu!) so I will definitely need to find that! XD I also found a cloth with Mega Absol on and won these very cool Jirachi movie cards that feature Absol in an auction on the comm! :) I like that they're transparent! :)

Some more Absol figures! :) I bought another clear Tomy figure to line up with my other Absols (since my other clear Tomy is MIP and can't line up! :/) and the pearl TFG figure to go with the normal and clear one! :) It was in much better condition than I was expecting! ^-^ I also have the silver Hasbro Absol and a lovely custom painted shiny Mega Absol (once again both thanks to mercurrix! :D)! At the bottom I have the Mega Absol can badge, and the Mega Absol pin and coin from the TCG box.

I'm quite excited about this item! :D Found it under an obscure listing for only 100 yen! XD I thought it was a rubber when I bid on it but it turns out it's a stamp! :)

They're made of foam and are quite thick. I haven't seen these stamps before does anyone know what they are? I will be auctioning off the Flygon and Groudon stamps if anyone was interested! :)

I also managed to win a MWT US Absol pokedoll! :D The one I had had no tags and it was bothering me, so I decided to treat myself to this one! ^-^ The tag got a bit bent in the post but as you can see from the photo it's not too bad! :) And once again a plush to complete my plush collection! XD The tiny Tomy Absol! :D

He's so small! :3 Funnily enough the first auction I ever took part in when I first joined the comm was for this plush, but now I finally have one! :) His horn and tail are split but that is fairly common with this plush and can probably be fixed with some glue! :)
And finally, this...

The Absol retsuden stamp! :D I was so thrilled to win this in o_0digitizdx_x's GA! Thanks again for hosting it! :) This is one of the rarest Absol items so I'm very greatful to have it in my collection! ^-^
Here is my Absol collection now

I don't have much space sadly so a lot of stuff can't be seen! :/ But I'm planning to put all my flats in a folder soon, so hopefully it will look neater and more spacious! :D

That's it for now! :) To finish, here's a photo of a failed pokedoll pyramid I tried to make! XD
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