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Collection update + Wants

Hello community! I got quite a few things in the past few weeks. Lots of commissions were done and my wrist is ded
Some things I'm pretty excited about! A lot of it is still coming in, though. BUT!! I've got patience (somewhat).

It may be a bootleg, but it's cute regardless. A little paint touch up will make it look nicer!
I call him Peggy because he's missing his front right leg. It's the super card stadium figure! I've heard rumours of there being an origin forme one as welll; is that true?
Series 2 Chou get. It's a little bulkier than the series 1. Got it in a massive lot with the above figure.
Coloured origin chou get! I had to re-order this off of Y!J because I somehow misread "silver" for "colour" on the original Y!J auction.
Altered Marble shooter figure. Didn't really care about the actual shooter part; just wanted the figure. I wound up finding this on eBay for $9 and snatched it up right away lol
Altered BP keyholder! I'm so glad I finally got this one. Is there a metallic one? Or was that just for the origin counterpart?
Altered Spoon. I also have 2 forks now.
I also have two of these guys now from the same lot as the second+third one. Pretty neat-o.
Movie 11 Giratina Kid figure
Giratina origin DS pen figure
The mini BP came in about a week ago. It's super sun damaged (as 99% of my Palkia are), but it's cute nonetheless. I've noticed a trend in all of my Palkia figures. The left leg just LOVES to fall off of all of them.
I thought this was a clipping figure when I first got it (came in the same lot I mentioned), but turns out it's a strap figure. Which is even better. It now rolls around with me wherever I go.
No clue what this one is from, but it's pretty damaged+missing wings. It's got two holes on the bottom of the feet.
Gashapon machine figures
Series 1 Tomy
Super broken pre order figure
More gashapon machine figures
Offically got two. One brand new, one used. The used one's batteries are dying, so the chest flickers when you pull the tail down.
I got even MORE of these. I have so many of this specific tomy (not all are shown) it's absolutely ridiculous
MC+. I really want the Palkia one.
Japanese TTO
Both of these finally came in after 49596490795 years. I found the pearly versions, but they were $32 and the shipping was ridiculous. Bonus parrot in the background.
Zigzagoon zukan! There were two Pachirisu as well, but no second Zigzagoon. Poor little guy is broken and baseless, but that's okay.
Wingull zukan. These are absolutely adorable and boy is Pelipper heavy for a figure. Also baseless.
Rather large (and adorable) Leafeon figure and the Espeon chupa! I had recieved these in a lot a while ago with a few 'vee zukans. I'm surprised that the Espeon chupa is so expensive. Makes me glad I got it in a super cheap lot. I'm not really a fan of the Eevee line at all, but these two have to be my favourite figures of them all.
That's pretty much it for now.

Over the weekend I found two interesting (and cheap) listings on Y!J. They were both the BP 2008 prize origin plush (the fat one) and the DX BP plush (slightly less fat one). I almost won both. Almost ;-; I was outbid last minute on both of them. SO if you have one you're willing to sell or know where one is being sold (individually or together), please let me know!! Usually I don't go after plush because they can be quite pricey, but these are just too cute to pass on so easily. I'll be getting a ton of cash in this week (overtime heck yeah) so price won't be an issue!

BP DX (ambertdd)
BP prize

And a total shot in the dark, but I'm always looking for my #1 grail
Super DX Tomy plush (ambertdd)

I had seen someone else do this as well, but I've got a twitter if any of you want to check it out o: I post a lot of drawings and sometimes figures I get in the mail. Clicky here
I'm looking for affiliates for my collection website! If you want, comment below with your banner/collection website and I'll put you up on mine o: Here's my banner

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