kyreon (kyreon) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Pokebox charm trade, Collection pics, and a new side collection

I have an Eevee and a Jolteon Pokebox charm I'm hoping to trade one of for a Flareon, Glaceon, Vaporeon, or Espeon one.
(I'm also open to other trades, so feel free to make an offer!)

(Vaporeon not pictured)

So, I finally got a better way to store my plushes (they were all crammed on my futon and on shelves that they kept falling over on). I found these nifty little cubies at Walmart that were perfect! I had a little time over the weekend- so my hubby put them together for me and I was able to set them up nice and cozy in their new home!
(O my, I realized I haven't shared a collection pic since I first joined the comm!)

My figures are do for a little de-cluttering. o.o
Luckily I have an empty shelf above them that I'll be splitting them between. <3

And lastly~
I told myself that I would only ever collect Eeveelus when I started collecting, that I would resist the urge to collect other 'mons that I like. But the day has come... I have given in to temptation and decided to start my first side collection... The Fennekin line!
I made a quick little collage of a few items I'm after. >w<


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