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Hi I'm new to pokemon collectors and I've been around for a while.But now I just got around to actually joining the community.I'm an avid lover of Skiploom, wooper, Lotad,and Mudkip. I mainly collect Mudkip plushies though because he has a ton of merch. I'm trying to find some lotad, and wooper plushies though to branch out from just collectin' mudkips. So far I only have a 1:1 mudkip plush and a jakks? mudkip plush from target.I also have two random kids of lickilicky and hoppip.I'm basically just lookin' for lotad, wooper, and mudkip plushies or kids for like under 30 bucks . On a off note I'm also into MLP but yeah :3. I may occasionally get other pkmn plushes but only if they're appealing.
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