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Denali Lobita

Denali's Holy Grail! A 7 Year Search is Over!

Oh my gosh you guys it’s been so long! I have a very exciting get to share with you! :D

Hi there! I’m Denali (Growly is kind of a deadname BUT I won’t begrudge you if you call me that here, since... it is still my username!), I’ve been on this group since the very beginning. :) Longtime members probably remember me but newer members may not.
I’m a professional fursuit builder from the US. I love animals, cartoons, and creating things (be it comics, costumes, or plush).
I’ve been into Pokémon for about seventeen years now, my favorite has always been Growlithe! Growlithe and Arcanine are my main collection and my pride and joy. I have worked so hard on my collection over the years and it continues to bring me joy and excitement! I am a completionist collector, which means I am looking for EVERYTHING I do not have. The only exceptions I guess would be flats that feature stock art. Those are on kind of a case-by-case basis, depending on how it looks, cost, etc.
I’m on pretty much every social media site as LobitaWorks, and my toy-collecting Instagram is @lobitaloot.

OKAY omg aaaaa story time. Older members probably remember my crazy search for a Growlithe plushie- the first official Growlithe plushies came out in 2010, but before even that I had heard rumors of a Growlithe plush that existed somewhere. I searched high and low and came up with nothing, but the stories kept coming. I had at least two unrelated people tell me stories about having seen a Growlithe plush on different occasions. What’s more, the two descriptions matched up pretty well :o One person in the UK saw a Growlithe in a secondhand store, and one person in New Zealand actually had a Growlithe plush but didn’t like it and let their mother sell it in a yard sale (most of the stories people told me were like this, where I was barely too late to get my grail... for a while I wondered if people were just messing with me somehow to be honest).
So I started searching in unorthodox places for Growlithe plushies. I even had a bounty out for information for a while there.
I figured it was a fuzzy TOMY plush from around 2000-2002 based on what people told me. Here is the description I had corroborated by two people:
-very fuzzy short fur fabric
-plastic eyes
-has stripes, but not a lot of stripes
-light orange, not dark orange

In late 2010 my hard work paid off! I found my first Growlithe mirage plush!
Original post:
Even though this plush didn’t match the descriptions I had been given, I was reasonably sure people had just been mistaken- after all, in all my years of searching I had only ever found the one vintage Growlithe plushie! This had to be it! How could there possibly be any more Growlithes out there? I always hoped there were more out there, but I just found it so hard to believe.

I won the Pokélottery again in early 2015 with another mirage Growlithe made from the same pattern as my first. Here’s that post: I still can’t believe my good fortune with that! But it still of course didn’t match the descriptions people gave me of a Growlithe plush so many years ago. But at this point I had pretty much stopped sweating it, I figured it didn’t exist and I am very happy with my two special mirage babies and I figured that would be the end of things.

WELLLLLL since I am making this post now you must know where I’m going with this. ;D
I was alerted to someone who had a never-before-seen, amazing, beautiful Growlithe plushie, and some negotiations and money saving later, I got this amazing plushie!!!!!! W OW!!!

When I first saw pictures of it online I was excitedly screeching and wiggling and telling my husband all about it, haha! Love the rush of finding someone previously unseen!!!
Here is what I know about this beautiful, special plush:
-From Taiwan, the seller who sold to me apparently has a middleman connection over there. Many mirage plush have been found there, it’s very interesting! I think Taiwan must be where they were originally manufactured and there are a bunch of leftovers from production. A few auctions sold and the rest of the sellers must have realized that’s where the money is right now so everyone’s unloading their old Pokémon. An exciting time to be a Gen 1 collector, that’s for sure!
-Totally unique pattern, not a bootleg or based off of any existing plush
-It has the hallmark suction cup + thick cord attachment that many mirage plush have
-no tags at all, not even a tush tag. This too is very common for mirage plush!
-Fits PERFECTLY the descriptions I was given, holy crap! This is it!! This is the plush!!! I dreamed this would happen but especially recently I never believed it would actually happen!!!

I think I’ve said enough, I just want you to take in the beauty of this pup. :D

I’m naming him Teddy because he literally has a bear’s nose... square in shape with nostrils, haha! It’s so cute! Little pup made of spare parts.

Here are my three beautiful mirage puplups together! I feel sooooo lucky and grateful. Fluffy, Stripe, and Teddy!

And here’s where my plushies live, on my dresser!

Anything after my grail post must be anti-climactic, I realize, but- I did get all the Growlithe Hip Pop collection items back when they came out! I’ve been meaning to make this video forever but I was a combination busy/lazy and it waited until now. Let’s hope I can embed a YouTube video successfully!

The Hip Pop! Collection is extremely strange… round plush disembodied butts xD;
I would have to say the best item from the promo is the tote bag- the Piplup and Growlithe butts inside the zippered pouch were a cute surprise! The magnet is also pretty cute, though I wish there was a front half Growlithe magnet so I could make it look like a Growlithe was using portals to pop out all over my fridge. If you’re on the fence about any of the items I do recommend snagging them before they vanish off eBay- there’s no real guarantee what will or won’t end up on the US Pokémon Center website.

I hope you enjoyed my puptastic post! Let me know if you have any questions, and you are free to use my pictures for wanted lists (but I don’t let people gank my images for auctions, even if selling the same item).
Tags: arcanine, collection update, growlithe, mirage plush, plush
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