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New to the Community :3

Hey guys! The names Nathan but you can call me TiamatRuler, Tiamat, or anything else you might come up with based on my username. Please don't call me Nate, though, as I really dislike it. This is pretty much the introduction post I have on my own live journal page with a bit more added to it.
I am big into Pokemon and my favorite Pokemon is Cyndaquil, if you couldn't tell by my icon. The icon actually features the shiny colors of Cyndaquil that were in the original Gold/Silver/Crystal games. I really wish they hadn't changed the shiny in generation 3 and onwards. I don't understand why you'd change out those amazing, purple flames for normal flames and a dull brown in place of the blueish black.
Anyway, I was forced to take a huge break from anything Pokemon after Crystal because of my dad. I wasn't able to get back into Pokemon until X and Y came out. Since then, I've gotten back into pretty much everything, the games, the anime, the cards. The only thing I really haven't gotten back into is collecting anything other than cards. I've managed to get myself a few plushies, figures, and other things. Most of my figures and pins come from buying TCG collection boxes, though. I plan to start getting into collections of some specific Pokemon but I know I missed out on a lot of stuff due to the huge gap I had and I really don't know what I'll be able to afford. xD
Now onto the collections I plan on getting started. As you can probably already guess, the first one would be Cyndaquil. I have the recent Tomy Trainers Choice plush and figure, which you'll see in the pictures I put up. This would be the main one for me since I love Cyndaquil so much and I know there is a LOT of stuff that I missed out on. I'm sure this will be my most expensive, too, so I will have to do it slowly as I know I can't spend a ton of money all at once. ;w; I was actually planning on getting myself the Secret Base Pokedoll and the Petite plush from the Pokemon Center website for Christmas, but they were sold out by the time I got my paycheck to be able to get them. T_T
The next collection I would like to start is for Kangaskhan. Ever since it was the first ever holo card I pulled when I was a kid, this has been one of my favorites and is currently sitting at my second favorite. Part of that also has to do with the fact that my first impression of it was that it looked like a cross between a kangaroo and a dinosaur and I absolutely love all things dinosaur. I don't have much for it right now, aside from the Mega Kangaskhan pin that I got in a TCG blister. However, I also know there's not as much for me to catch up on for Kangaskhan as there is for Cyndaquil.
The last of the main collections that I would like to focus on is Tyrunt/Tyrantrum. As I explained with Kangaskhan, I love dinosaurs and these two quickly won their way up to my third favorite. I do love Amaura and Aurorus as well but not quite as much as these guys. I also know that Cranidos/Rampardos and Shieldon/Bastiodon are all based off of dinosaurs but for some reason their designs don't really appeal to me at all as I wouldn't even even include them in my top 20 favorites. I already have a Pokemon Center Tyrunt plush, as well as an Amaura, but I haven't been able to get my hands on anything else yet, such as the Pokedoll or the Tyrunt/Tyrantrum charms that are on the Pokemon Center website right now. I don't know what else there is out there of these guys but I'm sure it's less than the other two since they're more recent.
Even though I was introduced to Pokemon quite a long time ago, I would still consider myself extremely new to collecting as I really don't even know what all is out there for what I want. Pretty much, if I don't have it and it's one of the three above, I will for sure be interested, as long as I can afford it at the time. xD There are some others that I will probably be interested in here and there but will not be my focus. These would include, but are not necessarily limited to, Lugia, who is my favorite legendary, Entei/Raikou/Suicune, Vulpix/Ninetales, Mantine, Lapras, Amaura/Aurorus, Shaymin (normal form), Larvitar line, Goomy line, Turtwig line, Zorua/Zoroark, and Fennekin line. There are definitely more that I enjoy, as well as ones that I wouldn't be interested in at all. If there's a Pokemon I didn't mention, feel free to ask me if I'm at all interested. I'll either let you know that I am or that I'm not, it's as simple as that. ^-^

I actually came by a craiglist post in my area that had a lot of 14 Pokemon plushes for $25, which included a Cyndaquil, Shaymin (normal form), Turtwig, and Zorua. Not sure exactly what specific plushes they all were or if any of them were legit or bootleg or what. Either way, I was super pumped for it, mainly because of Cyndaquil...but I messaged them about it last night and have gotten no response and it was taken down, so I must have just missed it. xD

This got so long that I decided to put another cut around the section above so people know that whole part is just about my collection interests. I didn't want to spam the front page of the community with quite that massive wall of text. x3
I only have a couple pictures of my few plushes, my one Cyndaquil figure, the current McDonalds toys right now (of which I'm only missing Mega Latios), and some prints of art I found but I hope to get some more pictures taken of some of my other stuff once I get a better setup for things. :3

Cyndaquil Figure:
McDonalds Toys:
Prints I got from an artist in Japan Town in San Francisco while I was on vacation visiting a friend:

Another tidbit you might want to know about me, since I'm introducing myself, is that not long after X and Y came out, I actually started youtubing Pokemon stuff. I have a few Pokemon playthrough series on my channel along with some card openings and other things. I'm not as active on it right now as I'd like to be because I had a 3DS capture card and did a lot of shiny hunting streams...but my capture card stopped working, so I'm trying to save up a little every paycheck so I can get a new one and start that up again. My icon is actually my channel icon. xD I'm not a big youtuber or anything, I only have 250 or so subscribers, but I enjoy it when I get to do it nonetheless. o3o

Sorry for the long wall of text, guys. I get really excited when it comes to things like this. I hope to meet tons of great people and make some amazing friends, along with slowly adding to my collections. ^-^ Pokemon is one of my absolute favorite things and I just can't seem to meet any people around here who are as into it as I am, so I tend to look online to make friends around it and this just seems like a perfect place to do so. x3 Also, I hope I did the cuts right. This is my first post on a community on live journal. I tried to follow everything in the tutorial, so please forgive me if I'm so newbish at this site that I messed something up. ;w;
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