Ɲøʀƙɨɑ (flag) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Seeking Delibird plush!

I'm in the market for a Delibird plush- any Delibird plush, but the more Christmassy, the better. I've always wanted one, but at the opportunities I've had to get one, I've either been low on funds or had my eye on something else. XD (In a similar vein, I'm also looking for ANY Zapdos plush to work towards my goal of having at least one of each flying-type legendary in plush form*, though I expect that to be more of a longer shot and Deli's become a higher priority for me in the current season.)
*The only other one I need being, of course, Sky Plate Arceus. ♥

I prefer to trade though all I have to offer right now are various zukan and bell keychains as well as plush leftover from my last sale, and I'm definitely willing to negotiate more than one item for a plush depending on its condition and size. Otherwise, name your price!

That said... anyone have a Santaburd to fulfill a bird collector's Christmas wish? ;>
Tags: delibird
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