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First sales! and looking for Scolipedes.

Hello everyone! Firstly I'm looking for scolipede items, I can't find very many besides the zukan and MPC plush, please show me any you may have for sale or part of your collections! :)
I was recently granted sales permission, yay! It's come just at the right time as I hope to be moving in the near future. I'd like to start just by saying if anything seems over/under priced, let me know, I'm just going by what I've seen either here or on ebay etc.
I'm starting small as per the advice for new sellers, there's some plush, figures, flats and some CUSTOM ITEMS OOOOH!
Rules under the cut


-Sales permission granted by areica96 on December 17, 2015
-All PKMNCollectors rules apply.
-I will only sell to members of PKMNCollectors, and only those that are not banned.
-Please clearly state whether you are committed or just asking for a quote.
-I have a smoke free home, but two cats, please be aware of that if you're allergic.
-The first to commit to a sale is the first to get the item.
-I will hold items for 24 hours but only if you are committed to buying them.
-committing and then backing out will result in negative feedback.
-Haggling, the more you're buying the more you can haggle.

-All prices are in usd.
-Please pay within 24 hours.
-Paypal only.
-include your username and what you bought in the paypal note.
-Prices do not include shipping or paypal fees unless stated

-I ship from England.
-I will ship internationally.
-Shipping is via Royal Mail.
Prices vary but I will offer you the best option based on weight etc, if you want your items quicker/cheaper/tracked or so on please tell me.
-shipping averages out at about $6.10 for small parcels, international standard 5 to 7 days delivery.
For those in the UK it's about £4.40 GBP 1st class signed and about £2.80 GBP 2nd class standard.
-I try to recycle packaging.
-please be aware of any customs fees as you will be responsible for paying them.

On to the items!

Please be aware a lot of the items are old and may have imperfections, please ask for close ups if you're not sure :)


(Looking to sell only one of these skittys but dont mind which, so you get a choice!)

US secret base skitty, TTO $17, OR JP secret base skitty with tags $25
Umbreon (Korotto manmaru I think) with tags $25


Small hasbro meowth $5
Large hideous meowth $7
hasbro psyduck $7
Snorlax no tags $3


Venusaur, dratini, dragonair, dragonite, seel, dewgong $8 each
All others $5

GONE: Paras


Manaphy zukan still in packaging (Peg was loose so I've taped it down) $10


footprint figures $3 each

GONE: Cradily


Charizard and venusair kids $6 each
Clear mew kid $10
Clear jirachi $8


Charizard and venusaur keyrings $8
Venusaur pencil topper $8
Clear venusaur figure $4
Mini venusaur $2
Venusaur FCS $8
Charizard clipping figure $9
Charizard chupa $9



Battle coins $4 each

GONE: Nidorino, 1 jolteon.

veeza5.png Sorry about the small pic, dunno what happened :p

And that's that! I hope everything is as it should be, all feedback on what to do better is appreciated :)
I hope to open custom sculpture commissions in january, so keep an eye open for that too.
Tags: charizard, custom, manaphy, sales, scolipede, skitty, tomy, umbreon, venusaur
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