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Video game sales

Hi everyone!
I was having a clearout under my bed and found the box I keep my older pokemon games in, I've decided to put em up for sale as I never play them and will probably never display them.


-Sales permission granted by areica96 on December 17, 2015
-All PKMNCollectors rules apply.
-I will only sell to members of PKMNCollectors, and only those that are not banned.
-Please clearly state whether you are committed or just asking for a quote.
-I have a smoke free home, but two cats, please be aware of that if you're allergic.
-The first to commit to a sale is the first to get the item.
-I will hold items for 24 hours but only if you are committed to buying them.
-committing and then backing out will result in negative feedback.
-If I give you a quote please reply as to whther you still want the item or not.
-Haggling is fine, the more you're buying the more you can haggle.
-Trades are great! Currently looking for zukans, pokemon center charms, the all star skitty plush and scolipede items.
-I do not offer refunds, if you want anything checked or close up pictures etc then you must let me know.

-All prices are in usd.
-Please pay within 24 hours.
-Paypal only.
-include your username and what you bought in the paypal note.
-Prices do not include shipping or paypal fees unless stated

-I ship from England.
-I ship internationally.
-Shipping is via Royal Mail.
Prices vary but I will offer you the best option based on weight etc, if you want your items quicker/cheaper/tracked or so on please tell me.
-shipping averages out at about $6.10 for small parcels, international standard 5 to 7 days delivery.
For those in the UK it's about £4.40 GBP 1st class signed and about £2.80 GBP 2nd class standard.
-I try to recycle packaging.
-please be aware of any customs fees as you will be responsible for paying them.
Onto the items

As before I've averaged the prices by what I've seen elsewhere so if they seem to high/low lemme know! :)
I haven't been able to test the gameboy games, but they were working fine about a year ago, same goes for the GBA games, internal batteries have run dry but the games still work. Expect boxes to have flaws as they're old. Any questions lemme know.

Yellow $45
Fire red/leaf green $30 each (includes the wireless adapter thingies)
Ruby/Sapphire $20 each
Emerald $25


Crystal $45
Heartgold japanese version with pokewalker $45 (Has a sticker on the box that I left to avoid damage)

Black $15
Diamond $15
Platinum $20

Black2 $20


MD blue $15
MD time $15
MD sky $25
Ranger $13
Pinball RS $25
TCG $15


XD $35
Colosseum $25 (Includes memory card it came with)

If you have any questions or you want more pictures let me know. You can also combine shipping with items from this sales post:

I hope to post a collection update soon too as I've had several new items arrive, yay!
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