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Quick sales (Eeveelus- Custom hand painted box, charms, more!)

I have a couple of items that are looking for new homes today~
Some are new and some have reduced prices from my sales post.
(Please comment on here if you would like the reduced price!)


-I was granted sales permission on December 17, 2015 by areica96
-My feedback can be found here:
-All community rules apply.
-I will not sell to people banned from the community and I reserve the right not to sell for any reason.

Payment & Shipping:
-Prices are in USD.
-I accept PayPal only.
-I ship from Texas and can usually ship every other day. Shipping is not included in the price.
-Starting shipping cost is $3.
-You will be charged shipping + paypal fees in addition to the cost of the item. I use recycled packaging when possible.
-Payment is due within 24 hours unless you speak to me first, after that I will move on to the next person interested.
-I ship within the US and international (am still getting comfortable with international shipping).
-Commitments get priority over quotes.
-I don’t hold items unless you speak to me first.
-Once the item is shipped I am no longer responsible for it.
-I am open to trades!
-Haggling is permitted within reason.
-I live with cats and dogs. My pets do not interact with what I sell, but stray hairs sometimes love plushies!

My main collections are Flareon, Glaceon, and Eevee. I collect Eeveelutions and the Fennekin line.

First, I have something that I am unsure how to price. Many hours went into making this- It is all hand painted, stained, and glossed. Since I am not sure on how much to price it at, please feel free to make offers! (click for full size)

Hand painted Eeveelution box- $70, or make an offer

REDUCED, 10 inch Flareon Plush- $55

Glaceon Trump plush (detached tag)- $14
Glaceon Pokemon Time Strap- $6
Eeveelu 3DSXL case- $20

Eevee's Lollipop Pokebox charms- $20 each

Flareon and Glaceon wallets- $8 each

I'm also still looking for these!

Glaceon Banpresto Attack Keychain

Fennekin metal figures


More in my sales post, feel free to take a look!

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