jennvin (jennvin) wrote in pkmncollectors,

after a storm comes happiness!!

Lately, southern US has been hit with some big ice storms and with a package on the way and already some misplaced mail, I was worried my package wouldn't come, but after all the snow has melted away comes an awaited package from japan!!

MY SANEI ALL STAR JIGGLYPUFF!!! After HLJ backordered my jigglypuff I've been searching for a quicker way to get this puff and after muliples of pickups saying they were sold out and every other store having sanei plushes for up to $60, I was starting to lose hope. But by the luck of checking ebay (asakura_japan to be exact), I found one for a decent price!! T_T This is sort of a birthday gift to myself so I don't splurging a little bit more than usual, but I'm glad I didn't have to buy it for x5 the original price.

I originally bought Jigglypuff as a bud for my secret base clefairy and look at them!! Don't they look like the best of friends? *_* Jigglypuff is also really soft and squishy, I love the quality of this plush!! I strongly recommend to get a sanei plush if you're on the fence about buying one they're soooo gooooood.

And that's all for now! Thank you for looking! c:
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