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Gets, Collection Update and More! :)

Hello again!

I hope everyone had a good holiday, I know I did! ^^ I got mostly pokemon gifts so I thought now might be a good time to make a gets post ~

First off, you may have noticed my name has changed! I wanted my username to revolve around my collection so I am no longer higginstuff, but now scragster! :D

Here's a preview~

Now onto the gets!~

So many goodies!! I got so many pokes for Christmas, and I love them all! :D I'm missing a few tiny things in
these pics but this is the majority of the gets!

Scraggy crocheted plush made by MissJennyCrochet on etsy! I hope to commission a Scrafty to match :D

Sleepy shiny Mewtwo Kuttari! ^^ This was a gift from neutralemotions I wish I had other kuttaris to
stack him on! He's so floppy and soft >w<


Another gift from neutralemotions, a shiny mewto tsumtsum! :D I love this little bean to pieces!

Awesome Frogadier and Spindas sculptures made by neutralemotions ! These pics don't do these
justice ><
Thank you again for all these awesome customs!

I have a few pics from my last bookshelf organization but I haven't added my new gets just yet ^^'

Scraggy line! :D There's not too much scraggy/scrafty merch, so I love adding customs to my collection ^^

Entei and Mewtwo shelf~ Can't wait to add all my new goodies to this shelf (though I might need to
rearrange some things ^^')

Side collections of my partner~ Fearow, Spinda and Froakie line ^^

This is a Fearow pokedoll in the works! I didn't quite finish him in time for Christmas, but he will be sewn up here soon and I will show off better pics then ^^ I'm really happy with how he's coming along~

Current pokedoll pile :D I currently don't have mismagius but have added a wailord and a delibird so I hope to show those off soon!

I've also been working on a collection website (you guys make it look so easy! @A@) I hope to have that fixed up soon to share ^^

I also made a post on my page about commissions so it can be up all the time to answer questions or quotes about custom plush! As I plan to open commissions later this week, feel free to ask for quotes ahead of time! :) Feel free to check it out here!

(Sales permission granted by skdarkdragon on July 8th, 2015
Old feedback here
New feedback here

Hope everyone is having a great week so far! :D

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