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Small sales post

Hi guys,

Happy new year to all of you! Hoping that next year will bring us a lot of awesome goodies.
The main reason of this post is that I recently acchieved sales permission and am thus having some small sales.

Please take a look! :)

General sales rules
- Sales permission granted on December 17 2015 by areica96
- All standard PKMNCollectors rules apply
- Feedback link: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/ap_kun/
- Sales are not open to banned members
- I have the right to refuse to sell to someone
- Payments must be made through PayPal (I do not accept money orders etc)
- Orders will be shipped after payments
- Prices are open to negotiation, but keep it reasonable please (I have the right to refuse any offer)
- Shipping for large items is expensive
- Commitments have priority (PLEASE BE VERY CLEAR IF YOU”RE COMMITTING)
- Backing out of commitments result into a negative feedback
- I have a dog that does not get into my room, but I would still recommend against ordering from me if you are very allergic
- I will ship internationally from the Netherlands
- Tracking is possible. Insurance USUALLY too, but it will cost more (ASK FOR EITHER OF THESE PLEASE)
- I am no longer responsible for the item after it leaves me
- I love doing art trades (3d item for 3d item, 2d for 2d)
- I ship more than once per week
- Prices are all in USD
- Prices stated do not yet include the paypal fees, quotes do.

Metal collection XY5:
All in mint condition

Silver Talonflame figure - 4 usd
Gold Noibat figure - 4 usd
Copper Goomy figure - 3 usd
Copper Pikachu figure - 3 usd
Silver Mega Latios coin - 3 usd
Copper Mega Rayquaza coin - 3 usd
Copper Mega Gallade - 2 usd
Silver Mega Gallade (Not pictured) - 2 usd


Abra (Near mint condition)
Kadabra (Used conditon, a lot of paint marks on the tail and the back)
Alakazam (Mint condition)
- 12 usd for the set

Chikorita (Near mint condition, small paint mark on the top of the leaf)
Meganium (Mint condition)
- 10 usd for the set

Umbreon (Take note: the figure came with one oval not colored yellow, as can be seen in the picture, and thus can be called a factory problem etc. Everything else with this figure is hundred procent mint)
Espeon (Near mint, has small paint scuff on the head)
- 15 usd for the set
Electrike ( Near mint condition) - 2 usd

Infernape line (mint condition, comes with the peg for monferno , can give base with it, not sure though if it is the base that belongs to the line) - 12 usd for the set

Clear kids

Clear Palkia (Used, has some paint scuffs on the face) - 3 usd
Clear Lugia (Near mint, has a very small paint scuff on one of the points on the tail) - 7 usd
Clear Jirachi (Near mint, has a couple of paint marks) - 5 usd
Clear Deoxys Defense form (Near mint, has a couple of paint marks/scuffs on one arm) - 5 usd (not sure how much it is worth)

Clear electivire (Near mint condition, has some small paint scuffs on his fingers) - 3 usd
Clear Munchlax (Near mint, has some small paint marks) - 4 usd (Very hard for me to let go , but I need the moneys )
Clear Chimecho (Mint) - 2 usd

DX Kids
*All are in used condition* 5 usd each

Infernape (Has paintscuffs and some paint marks)
Garchomp ( has small paintscuffs and marks)
Torterra ( The top is not glued on anymore so can be put on or off, ofcourse can be glued back together, also has some small paintscuffs)


Hippowdon (Mint) - 3 usd
Mamoswine ( Near mint, small paint marks) - 3 usd
Budew ( Near mint, small paint marks) - 2 usd
Duskull (Near mint, small paint marks) - 3 usd
Tangrowth (mint) - 2 usd

Sparky pikachu (Used, some paintmarks and scuffs) - 8 usd
Pikachu with smaller pikachu??? ( Used, some paint marks and scuffs) - 8 usd
Tufty pichu (near mint, a small paintscuff on the cheek) - 4 usd
Bayleef ( Mint) - 3 usd
Luxray (Mint ) - 4 usd

Drifloon (Near mint, some small paint marks) - 1 usd
Gabite (mint) - 3 usd
Gliscor (mint) - 4 usd
Chansey (mint) - 2 usd
Wooper (mint) - 2usd

Flareon attack (Near mint, one small paint mark on the back of the head) - 7 usd
Vaporeon attack (mint) - 8 usd
Mew (mint) - 7 usd
Regigigas (mint) - 4 usd

Thanks for looking! And remember pictures of the zukans and kids can be seen bigger if you open the link.
PS Negotiable
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