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Collection post, intro, Christmas gets!

Hey everybody! My name is Brent (if you remember calling me Lee before, yes, i am a trans male :p ) or shinysuicune, and i have been in this community for......uhhh....a while. 4-5 years. Wow, that is a long time. I collect N and Reshiram, the johto beast trio (mostly raikou), Ash and Pikachu, White Kyurem, and various things such as general plushies and whatever figures tickle my fancy. Anyway, today i am bringing you a collection post and some christmassy gets because it has been probably around 2 years since my last non-sales post. Eugh. Well, considering the fact that i did move across the country and my collection didn't exactly go with me, i suppose that's fair.

ANYWHO let's get on with the stuff shall we :D

Chrimus it sure has been. No snow, it was like 60 degrees, and we did considerably less than most other years. Ahh, chrimus, how stressful and boring you are as an adult. Luckily, my family knows that my adulthood stops at my age, so this christmas involved a LOT of pokemon. Like, a lot.

The very first present i got was the build a bear pikachu!!!! I didn't plan on getting one since the prototype one looked fugly was not as cute, but my grandfather surprised me with a code for one that he pre-ordered. Which meant that i got him about a week early, but still got to stuff him myself which was awesome because it's been about a decade since ive been inside a build a bear to get something for myself. The mall was not very crowded that day, but fate of course led like 3 other families into the store which meant they all got to watch me, a 20 year old feminine looking man (and my boyfriend no less), stuff a pikachu plushie with all that build a bear magic. Riveting.

Sorry about the uh...the food in the background. I um. I was still eating when we opened presents, and these figures were cool enough to interrupt my consumption of sweet potatoes in order to free them from their prison. They tell me they do in fact feel lucky. Overall a cool set though, definitely recommend them and also recommend hand picking them due to potential paint disasters.

Super mystery dungeon is really fun, as usual, and feels more like the original games to me which is kinda nice. The story is cute so far and my character ended up being a Riolu which is awesome and totally fitting. Omega Ruby is ohmygodbestgameiloveitilovealphasapphiretooplsnintendoplsdonteverstop

Gift cards are freaking wild, man. All of these were $20 at walmart! That is madness, and it is even more madness when you have a gift card that covered it. c: Love that Marowak. The break cards are amazing in person, and the new holo pattern on the normal holos (i pulled kyurem and a full art golurk i think?) is my favorite so far.

These guys came from animeraro! I've been meaning to pick them up for a long time, just...laziness. But then i realized that, oh hey, black and white was a while ago i should probably like finish my collection. So i am! Still need that freaking amazing reshiram figure with the checkerboard base. Someday. ;-; Anyway the chou gets are adorable as always, the regular kid is too, and the DX kid makes me laugh so hard because he's just so fat. He's me as a reshiram.

OH MY GOD I GOT HER. After getting N, i couldn't pass up Cynthia. So she ended up being a christmas present to myself (the other being a cartilage piercing which hurts like butt right now) and she's just so adorable. I love her bendy arms, and her hair, and her coat because it's so poofy, and GARCHOMP. Garchomp's head is on a ball joint which allows for some great movement and her wing arms swivel and ahh she's so cute. Also she is a girl, they didn't forget to sculpt her fin without the notch which is awesome.

I also got these with Cynthia for that free shipping. I love Gyarados and Magikarp a lot, so these were an obvious choice. These charms are just so pretty.

That's-a some spicy christmas gets! Let's look at where they fit in with my collections.

Phew, okay. Now it's time for some updated photos of my main collections! We'll start with Reshiram.

Here's the kids and smaller figures together! They're all so beautiful, i just love reshiram so you can see here, we have the motion gallery/clipping figures, chou gets, gekitou motions figure with all the fire and such, the pin from the promo events, and the normal and overdrive kids.

Here's all the big figures. o_o We have the TOMY hyper size overdrive which you really can't see thanks to past Brent, the McDeath toy which amuses me more than it should, the Jakks small figure, the normal standing zukan, the DX kid, the Goodsmile that came with the N-deroid, the giant Jakks (all the way in back) and giant TOMY (all the way in front). We also have a stylus that i have for reasons, no clue what it came with, and the regular and 7-11 clear TOMY moncolle figures. Still need that MC+ battle one or whatever, please hit me up if you have one. I also have both overdrive zukan and the bottlecap figure, none are pictured because the lighting upstairs was just not cooperating -_-

Here's the White Kyurems, N, and regular Kyurems. And the bottlecaps which again you cant see because good god past brent can you just
So we have the big TOMY kyurem, the little TOMY kyurem, the overdrive White Kyurem zukan, the extremely cute rumble U one, the bigger TOMY and the regular zukan, the motion gallery/clipping which is seriously so cool and so little, the DX TOMY and of course my beautiful wonderful Banpresto N and Zorua figure <3

HERE'S ALL OF THEM. Click for full size.

NOW FOR PIKACHUS and other stuff

Here's my Pikachu shelf. Not even gonna try to go through all of them because we would be here for 2 days doing that and i don't want that, you don't want that, Pikachu don't want that, we all got better things to do okay. Click for full size, ask if you're curious, blah blah moving on

tooOOOOO MORE PIKACHUUUS yay yaaaay wow oh man great look at that woooo. *throws confetti*
Here's the plushies, not including the 1:1 hasbro, the build a bear and the normal pokedoll because they are in my bedroom and i maybe also forgot to take pictures of them okay? Sue me. There's various TOMYs, hasbros, Banpresto and some pokemon who are yellow but not Pikachus but they think they're allowed to be here. Rude.

And here's Raikou since i was asked about them, minus the shiny zukan. Still looking for tails or just replacement zukans. :/

Here's the rest of my plushies, again minus Pokedolls. I have so many. ;-;

Okay wow, that is a long post. Sorry about that and thanks for sticking with me. I can't wait to see what 2016 brings us, both in collection stuff and games!

Also, here's a shameless sales plug because nothing has been bought yet and i really need to get this stuff out of here. I'll start throwing lots on ebay next week, so get em here for these prices while you can!
Sales here! Lots of older, rare figures!
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