sugarcoated (sugar0coated) wrote in pkmncollectors,

More Low-Start Ebay Plush

Hey again :D I have listed a bunch more low-start ebay auctions to relieve my poor little room of the burden of hundreds of plushies. A rarer set of inclusions here is a DX Wobbuffet UFO and a Larvitar McDonald's vibrating plush.

Shipping from the UK, but after a chat with an ebay rep, there shouldn't be an issue with someone bidding internationally now. The international shipping price shown is probably incorrect and too high. Let me know your location in a PM through ebay or through here and I'll give you the more accurate quote :)

My eBay Listings

I'm going to be listing a DX shimmery Shinx soon, and a few eeveelution items. Also I'm thinking about putting up some plush lots, flats lots and figure lots. I have literally thoudands of items to get rid of and I'm looking for the best ways to get rid of large amounts of it at a time rather than shipping so many packages. So look out for those soon <3

Edit: Sales permission granted 3rd July 2011 by dakajojo. Feedback link here.
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