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Hello everyone!
hope you all had a great Christmas / Hanukkah / winter solstice or any other holiday you celebrate!
i was gonna wait until i completed my collection but the other plush are taking forever to arrive

i finally got the all star plush
i was just going to buy the few i wanted but they are all so cute that i ended up buying them all. it took forever to track them all down and i ended up using 3 different web sites.
if you are looking to buy some here are the sites i used. the pillows are some of the greatest plush i have ever owned and i have owned A LOT of plush they are so cuddly ( pikachu feels like a temperpedic mattress)
( Ami ami ) ~ Pikachu pillow wailord and lucario ( $19.99 to $45 each )
( Hlj ) ~ Goomy dedenne pikachu altaria and bunery and espurr ( $14 each )
(Japan video games) ~ Oddish Psyduck jigglypuff poliwag eevee gengar skitty and wobbuffet ( $19.99 each)
buying all broke my wallet lmao.
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