rebekahraichu (rebekahraichu) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Want to buy Pikachu Pokedolls!

I deleted my older entries so I could make a new one without looking like I'm flooding the comm with my posts, ahaha. Let me know if that's not allowed!

So I really want to start collecting Pikachu Pokedolls. If nobody can offer me some, I'd like some help with Y!J. I went through about 40 pages of a search term and picked out the cheapest Pikadoll listings. The problem is, I have NO idea how to use Y!J, and I want to bid on the stuff, but I'm sure there's all these crazy customs and things like that if I wnat to buy something on there since I live in the US.

EDIT: I'd rather just buy directly from the community. If anybody has any Pikachu Pokedolls for sale, please let me know!
EDIT 2: I found the 2010 US Pikachu Pokedoll on eBay, but the tag is sending red flags, as it looks like the e in "Pokemon" is missing the little " ` " above it. Let me know if it's legit or not:
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