classypersian (classypersian) wrote in pkmncollectors,

In over my head sales

Hi all! I hope everyone is having a fun and safe New Year's Eve says the girl who left a bag of fireworks near a fountain firework as it was going I recently bought somthing but it cost more than i thought so I'm trying to make some money back ;3;

I was given sales permission by allinia 6-11-14


I ship from the US and can ship to most international places.

My home is smoke free!

I have cats that go in and out so the fur gets aired out.

I pay PayPal fees

Mini mewtwo lot (both figures and ball)
$7 Persian Sprite $2 meowth lotto prize figure $10 pikachu amiibo $10

Pikachu and kanto starters $15 (will wash before sending unless you want to wash it yourself)

Arceus and meloetta are $5 the rest $3 Can mail in a top loader~

Thanks so much for looking!!
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