Arboking (chromapika) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Last 2015 gets!

Hello and Happy New Year everybody \o/

I got some nice items for the end of the year :3

First, two awesome Jumbo cards

They are rather rare and I've wanted them for a while.
The Yokohama has a really beautiful artwork with a lot of Pokémon lead by Captain Pikachu.
But the Mewtwo Beams is definitely my favorite of all Jumbo cards *O*
In addition I found these 2004 Deoxys charms by chance and they are very nice :3

Then some nice stuff among which the 2009 Espeon/Umbreon Pokémon Time straps.

And I was lucky to get the Pikachu in Ekans sleeping bag, my favorite :3 I'm really looking forward to the next Nebukuro set, especially because the Pikachus have all different and original faces :)

Besides, I got some other Pikachu cosplay

The ones from Halloween Parade, even if I unfortunately still miss Gengar :/

And of course some from the Mega Evolution campaign

Slowbro is perfect <3 He reminds me Boo from Monsters, Inc. %)

And let's end with a fireworks ^^

Of course, some Pikachu cosplay again ^^ I really like the fact they gave to Entei a long fur :) Also I was very excited by the Mega Charizard X poncho, awesome <3
I finally got the Pokémon Time Eeveelutions and some other PC plushies.
Ditto is adorable and I really need to find Bulbasaur :o

EDIT: I've made an opening video of XY9 display with Red Gyarados

It's in French but since it's an opening maybe you can find it fun though :)

Thank you for reading :3

Tags: cards, charizard, dragonite, eeveelutions, ekans, espeon, latias, latios, mewtwo, pikachu, umbreon

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