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Weeding Sales!

Hello everyone! I hope everyone is doing well.

Doing some major collection weeding, so my loss is your gain!

I received sales permission from entirelycliched on April 2, 2012. Feedback here.

Sales Rules:
-All pkmncollectors rules apply.
-I ship from Florida, USA and ship anywhere. Shipping to international places cost more than shipping within the US.
-I are not responsible for damaged and/or lost packages once they are shipped.
-Whoever is committed to the item(s) first has priority over it.
-Prices do not include shipping, unless specified.
-I need these things gone, so haggling is fine, but don't be offended if I decline!
-Feel free to ask for more pics, if necessary!
-If you have any questions, please let me know! ^__^


-Big Sleepy Chespin New Years 2014 Plush - $30
-Azumarill Friends Plush - $3
-Mega Ampharos Plush - $15
-American TOMY Treecko Plush - $5
-American Charmander Pokedoll - $8
-Pokemon Ice Type Promo Lapras Plush - $15
-Tiny Mascot Squirtle Plush - $1 each, 1 sold

-Chespin Pokecen Plush - $5
-Banpresto Lapras Plush - $10
-Burger King Psyduck Plush - $2
-Japanese Pokecen Female Meowstic Plush - $10
-Mega Venusaur Pokecen Plush - $12
-Christmas Pokecen Chespin Snowman Plush - $8

-Petit Farfetch'd is gone.
-Applause Dratini Plush - $5
-Dratini Friends Plush - $7
-Custom Fennekin Bell Plush by flag - $10
-American 1:1 Pokecen Emolga - $25

-Fairy Ippai Figures (only Marill and Mawile are left) - $2 each
-Sleepy Ippai Figures set two (only Pikachu, Mudkip, and Torchic are left) - $2 each

-Hasbro Rayquaza Figure - $5
-White Kyurem American bottlecap figure - $2
-Primal Kyogre preorder(?) figure - $2

-Christmas Charms 2015 set (only Pikachu, Dedenne, and Torchic are left) - $2 each
-Movie 8 Figure charms (only Munchlax left) - $2 each
-Jakks Golduck Figure MIP - $5

-Pokemon League Badges (full Black and White 1 set) - $10
-TCG Yveltal Figure - $2
-Shimmery/Metallic painted Latios and Latias TOMY figures - $5 each or $8 for the pair

-Mew Glow-in-the-dark Bank - $15
-Poliwhirl Grabby Figure (damage on inside of hands) - $10
-Horsea Grabby Figure - $12
-Pokedex Pokecen Psyduck and Golduck Metal Charm Set MIP - $5
-Franco and Sons Big Psyduck Bath Figure - $3
-Psyduck Squirter - $1
-Shimmery Oshawott Movie Kid Figure - $5

-Psyduck, Golduck, and Dragonite TOMY Figures - $1 each
-Bootleg Shadow Lugia Figure - $3
-Electronic Pichu Figure in Box (has been removed but put back) - $10

Freebies! Only one item per customer please. (The Rumble U Deoxys and its base are counted as one item)
-Psyduck 151 pin is gone.

And that's it! Thanks for viewing! <3
Tags: figures, plush, sales
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