xxiiijamesiiixx (xxiiijamesiiixx) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Fifth Year Anniversary Collection Update

Hello Everyone!

My Name is James Rosales but I go by xxiiijamesiiixx on the community I want to wish everyone a Happy New year but on 12/20/2015 marked my fifth anniversary with the community! I finally had the time to update my pokemon website Pokemon DataBase Please click on the image below to be taken to the site. As you know I am a HUGE Tomy figure collector and if a pokemon has no tomy figure I use a place holder hopefully one day Tomy will make the missing figures. I am also a wailord collector and my side collection is growing :). Now please Enjoy the pictures below.

Past Collection updates to show my progress with the community!

Introduction 12/20/2010
Update 06/29/2011
Update 09/21/2013
Update 12/23/2014

Wants List

I am also looking for the gold figures from the Gold Break Campaign
Tags: collection, collection update, info, pokemon, tomy
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